Part Number/Part#: 6AV2124-0JC01-0AX0

Size: 9 inch (228.6 mm)

Touchscreen: color LCD display

Display: “TFT-LCD dynamic color screen

Product Line: Siemens TP900 Comfort

Active power input, typ.: 18 W 

Mounting position: vertical

Key Features: Touch screen support

Language: Worldwide

Type of supply voltage: DC

6AV2124-0JC01-0AX0 is a Simatic Panel PC 670 19″ Touch Display. It is a 19 inch multi-touch panel PC with a

1280×1024 display. It has a Intel Core i3 processor and a 4 GB RAM. It has 2 USB ports, 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports and 2

RS232 ports. It also has 2 serial ports, 2 VGA ports, a DVI port and a DisplayPort. The operating system is Windows 7


6AV2124-0JC01-0AX0 is a HMI (Human Machine Interface) TP900 Comfort Touch Panel. It is a high-performance

operator panel with a 9-inch widescreen display, which can be used to control and monitor machines and processes.

Some features of touch panel include:

A TFT display with 800 x 480 pixels resolution, capable of displaying up to 16 million colors

Multi-touch functionality, allowing for intuitive operation

A rugged aluminum housing with IP65 degree of protection, suitable for use in harsh environments

Ethernet and USB interfaces for connectivity to other devices and networks

A slot for a SD card, allowing for easy data backup and transfer

The HMI TP900 Comfort Touch Panel is commonly used in industrial applications such as manufacturing, process

control and automation.

It provides user-friendly interface for controlling and monitoring equipment and processes, improving efficiency and

reducing downtime.

6AV2124-0JC01-0AX0 Siemens HMI TP900 Comfort Touch Panel Video

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