Delta launched the first Net-Zero container house in Thailand

Delta (Thailand)’s first Net-Zero container house held its opening ceremony in Amata City. The theme of this exhibition is smart green energy in the RE100 era. There will be Industrial Estates Authority of Thailand (IEAT), Board of Investment of Thailand (BOI), AMATA Corporation Public Company Limited and key industry partners and media to discuss electric vehicle charging, building automation, data centers, industrial automation, indoor air quality and action charging solutions.

The Net-Zero container house consists of a 9.6kWp solar roof array composed of 11 panels and a Delta 40kW wall-mounted solar inverter, which can produce up to 38kWh per day, stored in a 57.6kWh battery system, for users 24 hours a year Use 24/7. The battery management system (BMS) achieves optimal energy consumption by monitoring the available energy and controlling the energy consumption of lighting and VRV (Variable Regulating Valve) air-conditioning according to the actual usage.

  Delta launched the first Net-Zero container house in Thailand

Delta’s building automation solutions are displayed in the Net-Zero container room, showing the concept of intelligence and health. Through the use of room controllers and panels, the BACnet protocol is used to manage lighting, HVAC and temperature, and through the MODBUS protocol, use Sensors monitor air quality. Including face recognition and intelligent monitoring technology for building safety and prevention of COVID-19, and high-efficiency particle air filter (HEPA filter) ventilation can bring users fresh, pollution-free air and reduce CO2 and PM2. 5 concentration.

  Key products in this solution include

Delta’s LOYTEC indoor control

VIVOTEK VAST FACE face recognition solution

Crowd Control People Counter/Detection Lens + Panoramic Surveillance

HEPA Filter Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) + Uno Next Indoor Air Quality Monitor

High-efficiency industrial LED lights and on-line LED street lights

Delta’s data center is the brain of a smart building, processing all data related to security, lighting, environment, and electric vehicle charging. The data center can store CCTV monitoring content and Display video data of product Display rooms and smart street lights, and can be controlled remotely.

In addition, Delta’s smart factory industrial automation solution, NovoTouch interactive display solution, and Innergie mobile device charging solution were displayed in the product showroom, which fully upgraded the work and life experience. Outdoor solutions include Delta’s smart street lights and electric vehicle charging solutions.

Mr. Zhang Caixing, President of Delta (Thailand), said

Today, the company is proud to announce the official opening of Delta’s Net-Zero container house based on a sustainable business model that conforms to global trends and based on smart energy-saving solutions. Our mission is to provide innovative, clean, and energy-saving solutions for a better tomorrow. With Delta’s core competitiveness and solutions, we will make factories in Thailand and Southeast Asia smarter, buildings more environmentally friendly, and improve business in Thailand and Southeast Asia. degree of integration.

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