Nabtesco obtained the first CR certificate of planetary cycloid reducer in China

Recently, Shanghai Nabtesco Transmission Equipment Co., Ltd. successfully passed the CR certification of the National robot Testing and Evaluation Center (Guangzhou) (hereinafter referred to as “National Evaluation Center Guangzhou”), and obtained the first CR certificate for planetary cycloid reducers in China. Representative significance, to help China’s high-end precision manufacturing.

Nabtesco obtained the first CR certificate of planetary cycloid reducer in China

RV-110E precision reducer CR certificate

The RV-110E product that was certified this time has successfully passed a series of tests including bending moment load and rated life in the national standard GB/T 37718-2019 for reducers, and has also passed the factory inspection. In terms of production quality assurance capabilities and product consistency, it meets the standard requirements of China’s robot certification, and has sufficient reliability to further enhance product market competitiveness. As the founder of precision reducer RV™ products, Nabtesco has assumed an important responsibility to improve the overall quality of China’s robot core components and contribute to the continuous development and progress of China’s manufacturing industry.

CR certification for precision reducer for Robots

Nabtesco obtained the first CR certificate of planetary cycloid reducer in China

As the core component of Industrial robots, the reducer directly affects a series of issues such as the working performance, reliability and service life of industrial robots, and has always attracted much attention in the industry.

On December 1, 2019, the National Evaluation Center Guangzhou took the lead in promulgating and implementing the “CR Certification Implementation Rules for Precision Reducers for Robots”, which is an important basis for improving the production management level and product quality of reducer enterprises and enhancing product competitiveness. It mainly adopts GB /T 37718-2019 and other 3 national standards verify the performance and reliability of the product.

Nabtesco obtained the first CR certificate of planetary cycloid reducer in China

RV-E reducer

Nabtesco’s precision reducer RV™ series reducer has a high market share in the world, with a cumulative shipment of 10 million units, and has been highly praised by customers from all over the world. Driven by “Being at the forefront of product manufacturing”, relying on existing technology and knowledge, and further strengthening technical service capabilities for customers, helping customers improve production efficiency, reduce overall costs, and create higher value.

The precision reducer RV™ product has many parts engaged at the same time, so it is small in size, light in weight, and has the characteristics of high rigidity and strong resistance to high loads at the same time. Due to the small backlash, rotational vibration and moment of inertia, it has good acceleration performance, can realize smooth operation and obtain high-precision positioning, and can greatly improve the accuracy of the equipment. It is widely used in industrial robots, automobile production, machine tools, semiconductor manufacturing, food factories, medical equipment, handling equipment, testing equipment and other fields.

Nabtesco obtained the first CR certificate of planetary cycloid reducer in China

Shanghai Nabtesco Transmission Equipment Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Nabtesco (Nabtesco) Transmission Equipment Co., Ltd. is a joint venture company formed by Shanghai Electromechanical Co., Ltd. and Japan Nabtesco Co., Ltd. in 2013 to provide precision reducer RV™ products and technical services for the Chinese market. Nabtesco has more than 30 years of experience in the field of precision reducers, which are widely used in manufacturing equipment worldwide.

Nabtesco’s precision reducer RV™ product, as the core component of the joints of industrial robots, has the characteristics of high precision, high rigidity, small size and light weight. It provides powerful carrying capacity for equipment while realizing precise movements . Today, not only in the field of industrial robots, but also in fields such as machine tools, liquid crystal manufacturing equipment, and semiconductor manufacturing, it is gradually being used. With the rapid growth of demand for industrial robots and automation products in the automation transformation and upgrading of China’s manufacturing industry, Nabtesco’s precision reducer products will usher in a broader market space in the Chinese market.

Nabtesco aims to provide more excellent solutions for the compactness and simple design, manufacture and assembly of customers’ automation equipment.

In the future, we will continue to make persistent efforts to consider our customers and continue to develop new product lineups based on their needs.

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