Part Number/Part#: 3HAC045978-001

Made in China 

Net/Gross Weight: 0.52 kg

Size (Length*Width*Height): 130*50*53 mm

3HAC045978-001 motor with pulley is a component of industrial robot. It is specifically designed to drive the motion

of the robot arm and provide the necessary torque and speed to perform various tasks.

The motor with pulley is a type of synchronous motor that uses a pulley system to transmit torque to the robot arm. It is

a compact and efficient motor to operate at high speeds, while delivering precise control over robot arm’s movement.

3HAC045978-001 motor with pulley is a specific model number of industrial robot’s motor. This motor is designed to

work specifically with ABB robot and may not be compatible with other robots or systems.

ABB Motor with Pulley 3HAC045978-001 Video

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