Part Number/Part#: A06B-0115-B855#0048

Fanuc A06B-0115-B855#0048 AC Servo Motor is a high-performance motor commonly used in industrial automation

applications such as CNC machines, robotics, other motion control systems.

Here is some information about A06B-0115-B855#0048 motor:

It is an AC servo motor, which means it uses alternating current to generate the rotational motion.

The motor has 2.2 kW maximum output power.

The rated speed of the motor is 3000 RPM.

The motor has 18.6 Nm maximum torque.

The motor has 10.5 A maximum current.

The motor has 177 V rated voltage.

The motor has an encoder with 2048 pulses per revolution.

Fanuc A06B-0115-B855#0048 AC Servo Motor Video