Part Number/Part#: 3HAC042475-001

Made in United States

Net/Gross Weight: 0.3 kg

Size (Width*Height): 70*45 mm

MOQ: 1 Piece

Sealing Compound 3HAC042475-001 is a type of sealing compound that is used in various industrial applications to

create a watertight seal between two surfaces. It is specifically designed to be used with ABB robots and automation

equipment to protect sensitive electronic components from moisture, dust, and other contaminants.

The compound with silicone-based material, highly resistant to heat and chemicals. It is also flexible and can be applied

easily to irregular surfaces.

The 3HAC042475-001 version of the sealing compound is a black, one-part compound that is supplied in a 310ml


To use 3HAC042475-001, the surface must be clean and dry. The compound is then applied using a caulking gun or

other suitable tool. The compound will cure over time to form a durable, rubber-like seal that is resistant to weathering

and aging.

ABB Sealing Compound 3HAC042475-001 Video

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