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Part Number/Part#: 3BDZ000398R1

Product type: RLM01 PROFIBUS Redundancy Link Module

Protocol type: Profibus-DP

Number of channels: 1

Communication speed: N/A kbit/s

Shipping weight: 1.5 Kg

Product Net Depth / Length: 90 mm

Product Net Height: 103.5 mm

Product Net Width: 175.5 mm

Product Net Weight: 0.46 kg

Customs Tariff Number: 8517620000

3BDZ000398R1 Redundancy Link Module (RLM01) used in PROFIBUS network to provide redundancy and


RLM01 module connect 2 separate PROFIBUS networks together in redundant configuration. If one of

networks fails, RLM01 module automatically switches to other network. The system remains operational.

It 2 optical fiber ports, one for each network, copper port for the power supply. It supports both single-mode

and multimode fiber, transmission speed up to 12 Mbps.

3BDZ000398R1 installed on DIN rail, compact size of 45 x 99 x 114 mm. It used in industrial automation

applications, like in manufacturing and process control systems.

3BDZ000398R1 ABB RLM01 PROFIBUS Redundancy Link Module Video

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