Estimated Lead Time: 4 – 6 weeks

Part Number/Part#: 3BSE020848R1

Product Net Depth / Length: 47 mm

Product Net Height: 186 mm

Product Net Width: 124 mm

Product Net Weight: 0.45 kg

Customs Tariff Number: 85369095

Product type: TU841 Termination unit

For 1+1 TB840 Support for non-redund

Power input: 24 V d.c (19.2 – 30 V)

Rated insulation voltage: 50 V

Power dissipation: 2.0 W

Dialectic test voltage: 500 V a.c

Weight: 0.55

Shipping Weight: 1.5 Kg

3BSE020848R1 Termination Unit used in ABB 800xA Distributed Control System (DCS). It hardware module

providing termination points for various types of signals, like analog, digital, pulse signals.

TU841 Termination Unit used in conjunction with other modules in DCS, like input/output (I/O) modules and

controllers. It serves as interface between I/O modules and field devices controlled and monitored by DCS.

TU841 compact design and supports up to 16 channels of input or output signals. It installed in various environments,

like hazardous areas to withstand harsh conditions.

3BSE020848R1 ABB TU841 Termination Unit Video

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