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Product ID: 3BSE022457R1

Catalog Description: CI840 Profibus Communications Interface.For 1+1 redundant operation.

Product Type: Interface

Protocol Type: PROFIBUS-DPV1

Number of Channels: 1

Communication Speed: 12000 kbit/s

Product Net Weight: 0.01 kg

Country of Origin: Sweden (SE)

United States (US)

Customs Tariff Number: 85389091

Shipping Weight: 1 Kg

3BSE022457R1 provides communication link between Profibus DP network and ABB‘s Advant Master system.

Advant Master system distributed control system in industries, like power, water, oil and gas. CI840 interface allows Advant Master system to

communicate with devices on Profibus DP network, like remote I/O, motor drives, other automation devices.

CI840 interface compact module to install and requires minimal configuration. It supports both master and slave communication modes.

The interface built-in diagnostics and fault detection capabilities, for easy troubleshooting and maintenance. It supports hot-swapping, replaced

without having to shut down system.

3BSE022457R1 ABB CI840 Profibus Communications Interface Video

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