Size (Length*Width*Height)

254*254*254 mm


Yaskawa robot accessories


1 Piece

WEEE Category

Product Not in WEEE Scope

Remark: 6A Cont. 14A Max.

Part Number/Part#: SRDA-SDA14A01A-E

SRDA-SDA14A01A-E Servo Amplifier is a high-performance amplifier, used with Yaskawa’s DX100 robotic

controller. This amplifier drives Yaskawa’s servo motors, used in industrial automation applications, including welding,

material handling, and assembly.

SRDA-SDA14A01A-E Servo Amplifier is a compact and lightweight unit that is easy to install and integrate with the

DX100 controller. It features advanced control algorithms, providing precise speed and position control, ideal for

applications. They require high levels of accuracy and repeatability.

SRDA-SDA14A01A-E equipped with advanced features, including a built-in regenerative circuit, to efficiently recover

and reuse energy during deceleration. It also features a digital encoder feedback system. It offers accurate position

feedback to controller, as well as safety features, like overcurrent protection and thermal overload protection.


Yaskawa Electric SRDA-SDA14A01A-E Servo Amplifier DX100 Video

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