Usage: Z81X-10/16/25Q for cutting off, connecting, and regulating the medium in the pipeline. It has

excellent fluid control characteristics and sealing performance when closed. It is widely used in pipelines

handling corrosive media, such as metallurgy, power, petroleum, chemical, air, gas, flammable gases, and

water supply and drainage.



A. The valve plate is fully encapsulated, ensuring excellent coverage performance and precise dimensions,

ensuring reliable sealing.

B. The bottom of the valve adopts a flat-bottom design similar to water pipes, preventing the accumulation of


C. The entire valve is coated with non-toxic epoxy resin, preventing corrosion and ensuring its suitability for

drinking water systems as well as sewage systems.

D. Replacing the easily damaged sealing components is extremely convenient.


Technical Parameters

  Nominal Diameter: DN50-DN300
Transmission Mode: Handwheel Pressure Test: GB/T9092-1999
Pressure Rating: 0.6Mpa-1.6Mpa Structural Length: GB/T12221-2005
Applicable Media: Water, Steam, Gas, Oil, etc Design and Manufacturing: GB/T216-2005
Applicable Temperature: 0°C-80°C Flange Connection Dimension: GB/T17241.6-2008


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