Xinshida sells Guangdong Zhongweixing for 490 million

On November 10, Xinshida issued an announcement that the company reviewed and approved the “Proposal on the Transfer of Equity by a Holding Subsidiary”, and agreed that Shenzhen Zhongweixing, a holding subsidiary of the company, would transfer its 100% equity in Guangdong Zhongweixing to Dongguan. City Xinfeng Pipeline Gas Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Dongguan Xinfeng”).

Xinshida sells Guangdong Zhongweixing for 490 million

For this equity transfer, Beijing Colliers International Land and Real Estate Assets Appraisal Co., Ltd. issued a value asset appraisal report, and the transaction consideration was determined to be RMB 490 million through negotiation between the two parties. After the completion of this transaction, Shenzhen Zhongweixing will no longer hold the equity of Guangdong Zhongweixing, and Guangdong Zhongweixing will no longer be included in the scope of the company’s consolidated statements.

Xinshida said that the transfer of the target company’s equity is in line with the company’s strategic development plan, which is conducive to the company’s optimization of assets and business structure, and promotes the company’s steady development. The ability to operate and develop healthily. The transaction will not have a material adverse impact on the current and future financial conditions and operating results of Xinshida.

It is understood that on June 17, 2016, Guangdong Zhongweixing was established by Shenzhen Zhongweixing with a capital of 30 million yuan. Its business scope includes research and development and production of professional controllers,Industrial robotAnd CNC system, servo system, and various software research and development, design, system integration, sales and technical services.

Guangdong Zhongweixing is mainly used for the construction of the Dongguan project. The foundation of the project was laid in Dongguan Songshan Lake Industrial Park on October 10, 2017. The planned investment is 500 million yuan, and the annual output value after it is put into operation is about 500 million yuan; two scientific research buildings will be built. , focusing on expanding operation control androbotBusiness; the design capacity is 10,000 industrial Robots and 100,000 motion control systems.

On November 25, 2020, Shenzhen Zhongweixing contributed an additional capital of RMB 185 million to Guangdong Zhongweixing with its own and self-raised funds. After the capital increase was completed, the registered capital of Guangdong Zhongweixing increased from RMB 75 million. to 260 million yuan.

In January 2021, Guangdong Zhongweixing Robot completed the relevant industrial and commercial change registration and filing procedures and received a business license issued by the Dongguan market Supervision and Administration Bureau, showing that Shenzhen Zhongweixing held 100% of the shares of Guangdong Zhongweixing.

On September 2, 2022, Shenzhen Zhongweixing continued to increase the capital of Guangdong Zhongweixing by RMB 75 million, increasing the registered capital of Guangdong Zhongweixing from RMB 260 million to RMB 335 million.

According to the Shenzhen Zhongweixing plan, when the Dongguan project is completed, Shenzhen Zhongweixing will relocate the whole to Songshan Lake, integrate the upstream and downstream resources of Xinshida Electric and Xinshida robot Company, and increase the production base for Industrial Robot control system related products. building.

Up to now, Guangdong Zhongweixing has no actual operation, and there is no actual revenue and excess expenditure from January to September this year. The physical assets it owns are construction in progress, including the control of Zhongweixing located in Songshan Lake Park, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province. Scientific research building 1, scientific research building 2 and basement of the industrialization project.

At present, Guangdong Zhongweixing has completed the final accounts of the “Songshan Lake (Zhongweixing) Controller Industrialization Project” and the engineering settlement unit. After the transaction is completed, Guangdong Zhongweixing will sign a contract with Guangdong Zhengrun Industrial Park Operation Service Co., Ltd. The “Leasing Contract” will lease all the properties of the “Songshan Lake (Zhongweixing) Controller Industrialization” project to Guangdong Zhengrun Industrial Park Operation Service Co., Ltd. for operation management.

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