Weidmüller THM MultiMark LPC (Label Processing Center)

Fast and efficient device labeling –

Laser Assisted Alignment –

Ergonomic foot switch operation

High repeatability

Controlled via Weidmüller M-Print® PRO software

  Device tagging made easy

Label processing center for automated component marking

Weidmüller Workplace Solutions provides optimized solutions and products for every workflow in the customer’s value chain. Basically, these processes include assembly of mounting rails, cable assembly, and labelling of components and panels. To this end, Weidmüller offers a range of products such as MultiMark and MultiCard, which provide fast, reliable and consistent labelling systems. Quick, individual marking of inserts, labels or shrink sleeves is possible with the MultiMark series of modularly designed thermal transfer printers and M-Print®PRO configuration software. From single items to mass prints, a variety of marks can be cost-effectively printed without sacrificing quality. All markings are easy to read and resistant to external influences. Many terminal rail assemblies are equipped with marker slots that allow easy insertion of markers or labels. .

  Weidmüller THM MultiMark LPC (Label Processing Center)

The Weidmüller THM MultiMark LPC labeling center is suitable for automated component labeling.

However, no electrical cabinet manufacturer can avoid the use of common self-adhesive labels. THM printers can print self-adhesive labels for equipment and electronic components. It guarantees a clear, orderly, unambiguous and easy-to-read overview of components and equipment in the cabinet, while ensuring a consistent appearance.

But one problem remains unsolved: In contrast to printing terminal markings, the labels must be peeled off the backing paper and manually glued to the components. The ideal working situation is to use a small pair of tweezers. However, in most cases this is really done “by hand”, or in the peculiar case of a screwdriver as well. This work is tedious, time-consuming, and often unsatisfactory. Labels tend to stick crooked, wrinkled, or extend beyond the edge of the device. In order to provide a sustainable solution to this problem, Weidmüller presents the automatic component labelling product range THM MultiMark LPC (Label Processing Centre). The unique system enables immediate label positioning, printing and device application. The new high-performance applicator automatically peels the label off the liner for reliable application. This process works for most shapes of components. Applicable element heights up to 120 mm. This means that even larger equipment can provide reliable marking. The labeling process is very simple. To ensure proper positioning, the series-integrated laser first projects the outline of the label proportionally onto the product surface, and then starts the printing and application process via a foot switch. This process greatly satisfies ergonomic requirements, as the user can easily hold the component with both hands and place it in the exact desired position throughout the process. The actual labeling process takes about 3 to 5 seconds, while manual labeling often takes 15 to 20 seconds.

  Weidmüller THM MultiMark LPC (Label Processing Center)

High-performance applicator automatically peels labels off the liner for reliable application to components up to 150 mm

Ergonomic metrology supports repeatability: thanks to the adjustable stop function on the base plate, the labelling of similarly shaped components is accelerated.

Like all printers in the Weidmüller MultiMark series, the THM MultiMark LPC can be configured to use M-Print® PRO software. It is compatible with various data formats, equipped with an eCAD system interface, and has a practical import function. The graphical user interface is easy to operate. Even graphics, QR codes and symbols can be easily combined with text. Complex project tasks can be clearly managed through a single project folder.

A complete solution including printer, software and marking to help users deal with all the unexpected events encountered during panel assembly.

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