The successful launch of the intelligent robot SROS platform will change China in the next 30 years

AsiaIndustrial NetNews: With the launch of the “Made in China 2025” plan and the implementation of the “internet +” strategy, China’s intelligent manufacturing has once again returned to the forefront. artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, cloud computing, big data… These terms have become hot topics in the development of the times. It can be said that the rapid development of science and technology is bringing new changes to many industries.

Intelligent manufacturing has become a hot word in the “two sessions”, which is the general trend!

The concept of intelligent manufacturing has a long history, and some developed countries have already practiced it in many fields. At the “Two Sessions” in March 2017, “Made in China 2025” was mentioned again in the government work report, and “smart manufacturing” as the main direction of attack was also clarified for the first time. It can be seen that it is time to move from “manufacturing” to “intelligent manufacturing” and improve my country’s position in the global value chain.And as the one who is standing above the “wind”robotThe industry has entered the fast lane of development, but the chaos of the industry has also followed.

The successful launch of the intelligent robot SROS platform will change China in the next 30 years

More than 3,000 robot companies have problems with “mess battle” system compatibility and multi-robot control

China’s Robot Industry has developed rapidly recently. It is understood that more than 20 provinces and cities across the country have cultivated and promoted the development of Robots as a key industry, and 36 cities have regarded the robot industry as a local key development direction. In just a few years, robot enterprises have The number has reached more than 3000. Many places have taken a fancy to the vast “money scene” of robots, and have regarded the robot industry as a local key industry to support. Companies that are accelerating their entry want to get a piece of the pie. As everyone knows, the situation of each robot product and enterprise fighting on its own will not only face the problem of overcapacity, but more seriously, with the increasing number of robot application scenarios and the continuous enhancement of functions, the control and management problems of robots are also becoming increasingly prominent:

(1) The robot control system is difficult to be compatible with the original security system of the enterprise. Many robot control systems are incompatible with many original control systems of enterprises, resulting in limited functions and applications;

(2) There are problems in the synchronous linkage control of multiple robots, which increases the difficulty of enterprise management of robots;

(3) There are problems in the synchronous linkage control of multiple robots in different regions of the enterprise, which will further increase the management cost of enterprise robots;

(4) At present, there are problems in the compatibility of products and control systems of various robot companies: each robot company has its own system, which is difficult to be perfectly compatible with other robot systems. Once the company purchases products from multiple robot companies, the compatibility control of these products will be compared. difficulty.

The birth of the SROS robot control management system platform

Based on the continuous expansion stage of the entire robot market, under the background that enterprises are “fighting each other” and robot control and management is difficult, it is imminent to establish a perfect robot control management system to guide the entire robot industry to develop in a benign direction.

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In 2016, Zhongzhi Kechuang Robot Co., Ltd., a well-known domestic robot enterprise, based on the full collection of opinions on the market, pre-sales, functions, research and development, etc., relying on its own years of robot research and development technology precipitation, a variety of technology integration, continuous innovation , integrates the advantageous resources of all parties, and develops a set of security patrol robot control management system (referred to as SROS) for the purpose of realizing the personalized management and control of different types of robots, and grasping the dynamics and environmental conditions of the robots at any time. This is also a new breakthrough in the robotics industry.

The successful launch of the intelligent robot SROS platform will change China in the next 30 years

Screenshot of the security patrol robot control management system interface

SROS system function and application value analysis

The SROS system is a robot control system for personalized management and control of different types of robots. The system can manage robots in a unified manner, real-time monitoring, remote monitoring, flexible scheduling, and data mining. It can support 10 clients to use at the same time, and support 100 robots to manage at the same time. The delay time for real-time data retrieval is less than 1 second, and the robot can be mastered at any time. Dynamic and environmental conditions, as well as storage and statistics of all relevant data.

The successful launch of the intelligent robot SROS platform will change China in the next 30 years

SROS product application diagram

It is understood that so far, SROS has been successfully applied in many fields, gradually promoting the upgrade of many industries to intelligent manufacturing.

Take the industry benchmark “Huawei Bantian Base” as an example. With the continuous modernization and intelligent development of the park, the original security system and security personnel have been unable to meet the security patrol needs of the park. Under the problems of false alarms in the security perimeter system, monitoring blind spots, and bad weather, and facing pressures such as high security labor costs and high mobility, the park urgently needs to be reformed from intelligence.

The successful launch of the intelligent robot SROS platform will change China in the next 30 years

Security patrol robot takes the lead in Huawei BantianindustryGarden put into use

In 2015, CITIC Technology and Huawei announced their cooperation and signed a strategic cooperation agreement. It is proposed to take the security patrol robot as the core, with its supporting SROS robot management system, and combine with the original security system to form a unique “motion and static combination” security operation system. Realize all-weather mobile monitoring, automatic navigation, face recognition, environmental perception, etc., and through the combination with the traditional fixed monitoring mode, 360° all-round video monitoring in the park can be realized, which greatly improves the security and operation and maintenance efficiency of the park and reduces the cost of enterprises. Operating costs, and provide a driving force for innovation that cannot be underestimated to promote the intelligent construction of industrial parks.

According to the current development of artificial intelligence technology and the speed of scene application, robots will be more widely used in the future. The CEO of SoftBank even said that within 30 years, the number of super-intelligent robots may surpass that of humans. At that time, the advantages of multiple control and management of SROS robots will become more apparent. This is the trend and the future.

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