Pilz: Five reasons to choose modular safety relays

Pilz’s modular safety relay myPNOZ has received widespread attention and recognition since its inception. It has been nominated for the Hermes Award, the German Innovation Award (GIA) and the Red Dot Design Award. This safety relay, which can be customized and mass-produced according to user requirements, fully complies with the spirit of Industry 4.0.

Pilz: Five reasons to choose modular safety relays

  product features of myPNOZ

Customized safety and intelligent product functions are convincing features of the modular safety relay myPNOZ. Contains 1 head module and up to 8 expansion modules, ensuring safe monitoring of 2 to 16 input functions such as emergency stop, safety gate, safety light curtain, two-hand IIIA/C control, and enable switch.

  • Higher level of safety features and power using head modules
  • Four input modules, four output modules and four input/output modules are available
  • Monitoring of machine parts in separate secure areas
  • Module connected via BUS connector
  • Two safety inputs per input module, and/or connected as an option
  • Output modules with relay or semiconductor outputs, with/without time delay
  • Module expansion and replacement (when installed)
  • Diagnostics via LED Display

Five reasons to choose myPNOZ

1. Reduce costs: only pay for the modules you need

With myPNOZ Creator, the user can select only those modules from the many available modules that have the functions that the user really needs. If requirements change, myPNOZ can be modified and extended at any time, which ensures high flexibility.

2. Time saving: quick and easy commissioning

Users will receive myPNOZ pre-assembled, adjusted and tested. “Plug and play” commissioning without additional software and complicated wiring.

Pilz: Five reasons to choose modular safety relays

3. Improve equipment availability

myPNOZ allows the user to monitor plant components located in different security areas independently of each other. OR connections between input features can also be implemented as an option.

4. No programming knowledge required

The user can define the desired security functions in myPNOZ Creator. myPNOZ Creator automatically selects the ideal hardware and the corresponding module sequence.

5. Space saving: fewer modules and narrower design width

Each input module can monitor two safety input functions, which means fewer modules are required. Furthermore, the width of 12.5 mm or 17.5 mm on myPNOZ stands out.


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