MiR autonomous mobile robot enters into global partnership with Koch Industries

May 25, 2021, Shanghai – Mobile Industrial Robots (hereinafter referred to as: MiR), the global leader in the mobile robot market, announced an agreement with the world’s largest non-listed company Koch Industries (hereinafter referred to as: Koch) The global strategic partnership will jointly promote the application of MiR Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR: Autonomous Mobile Robots) products in Koch’s countries and regions, and accelerate the transformation of Koch’s smart manufacturing.

MiR autonomous mobile robot enters into global partnership with Koch Industries

Research and development base for MiR autonomous mobile robots at headquarters in Denmark

The cooperation between the two parties initially started in 2020. Guardian Industries, an automotive and architectural glass manufacturer under Koch, introduced MiR AMRs in two factories in the United States to test the efficiency and effectiveness of MiR products in the transformation of production line logistics automation. ROI. Thanks to the success of this project, Koch has decided to expand its cooperation with MiR to implement MiR AMR products and solutions in factories in more parts of the world.

Zhang Yu, Sales Director of MiR China, said: “We are very pleased that our cooperation with Koch can expand to more markets and regions. MiR currently provides five AMR products with different load specifications, which can meet the requirements of small-weight materials up to 1000 kg. It is one of the manufacturers with the widest range of AMR products in the current market, and can bring targeted solutions for the automation of production line logistics in many industries. We look forward to further expanding our cooperation with Koch and accumulating richer experience. Empower more diverse internal logistics scenarios.”

The application of AMR technology in China is developing at a high speed. According to the data released by Gaogong Robot Industry Research Institute, the proportion of AMR in the Chinese market is expected to increase to 48% in 20251, which has great potential to become the mainstream of collaborative mobile robots. MiR’s global sales growth of up to 55% in the first quarter confirmed the rapidly developing market demand.

MiR AMR is widely used in the manufacturing industry, including automobiles, electronics, energy, biomedicine, consumer goods and many other fields, so it can meet the needs of different types of production line logistics. Overall, MiR AMR can fully respond to the long-term triple challenges facing the manufacturing industry, namely: human re

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