Pilz: Have you completed the system upgrade of PSS3000?

PSS3000 series programmable safety controller is a safety PLC product launched by Pilz in 1995. It has been 20 years from its birth to its official discontinuation in 2015. PSS 3000 series products are widely used in all walks of life, especially in the automotive industry. PSS 4000 replaces the original PSS 3000.

There are talented people in the country

With the advancement of semiconductor technology, PSS 4000, a new generation of Pilz PLC products, is superior to PSS3000 in all aspects, with smaller module size, faster CPU processing speed, and more scalable IO module configuration, etc. At the same time, PSS 4000 adopts SafetyNET p safety Ethernet communication, which has longer transmission distance and faster response time than PSS 3000’s SafetyBUS p safety bus, and can access data at every node in the network.

Pilz: Have you completed the system upgrade of PSS3000?

Complete automation solution

The PSS4000 system is a safety control system covering standard functions. Its functional safety has fully considered the basic structure of the system in the early stage of research and development, so that the PSS4000 safety control system can well cover the application of PSS3000 safety PLC. Reliability, performance and other aspects catch up in an all-round way.

Under the premise of conforming to international machine safety standards, the modular design of PSS4000 provides customers with maximum flexibility and can be directly applied to various applications. The rich selection of modules can meet various needs of users. The requirements of analog quantity control, safety Ethernet distributed control and so on are not a problem. At the same time, PSS 4000 has an open third-party communication protocol, which can support CANopen, EtherCAT, Modbus TCP, Profinet, Ethernet/IP, TCP, UDP, Profibus DP and other protocols to realize real-time communication with third-party PLCs.

Hardware and software “seamless” connection

In terms of hardware, since PSS4000 is compatible with PSSuniversal I/O modules, in the process of upgrading from PSS3000 to PSS4000, the head module can be directly replaced with the head module of PSS4000 without changing the PLC input and output lines, saving A lot of time for circuit modification and debugging, to maximize the original system and ensure the correct rate.

The PSS3000 system uses the CAN technology-based safety protocol SafetyBus p to build a linear structure of the bus layout, while the PSS40000 system uses the Ethernet technology-based SafetyNet p protocol. The distributed control topology is more flexible, and can build a ring/ Star/Tree network layout. Up to 64 SafetyNet_p stations enable the solution scale of the PSS4000 system to cover medium to large applications.

Pilz: Have you completed the system upgrade of PSS3000?

SafetyBus P network topology diagram

Pilz: Have you completed the system upgrade of PSS3000?

SafetyNet P network topology diagram

In terms of software, although the programming software PAS4000 of the PSS4000 system is fundamentally different from the programming software Win-Pro of the PSS 3000 in terms of hardware configuration, programming structure and programming language, it supports Chinese interface and users The interface is more friendly, and users can get started quickly. For electrical engineers with a certain foundation, they can master the use of the software in a short time.

PAS4000 provides all the safety function blocks in Win-Pro (all certified by a third party), and for users, its safety control capability will not be reduced in the slightest due to hardware changes.

Pilz: Have you completed the system upgrade of PSS3000?

The programming method of PAS4000 is based on the ecological structure required by the IEC 61131 standard, and it can compile different projects in multiple threads. The supported programming languages ​​are: STL (structured text), IL (instruction list), LAD (ladder diagram), SFC (sequential function chart) and PASmulti (graphical program editing).

Pilz’s technical team has successfully implemented “numerous” PSS3000 upgrade projects. PSS4000 is not only a perfect replacement in terms of functions to meet customers’ various requirements for machine safety control, but also because of its convenience in application. favored”.

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