Heavy!Peitian robot joins hands with Jingcheng Electromechanical Co., Ltd.

Recently, after nearly a year of communication, negotiation and cooperation preparations, Jingcheng Electromechanical Investment Distribution Co., Ltd.robotThe signing ceremony of the project was held.

Heavy!Peitian robot joins hands with Jingcheng Electromechanical Co., Ltd.

It is understood that Jingcheng Electromechanical is an important platform to undertake the task of leading the robotics industry in Beijing. It has always been committed to the development of strategic emerging industries such as robotics, and regards comprehensively promoting the innovation and development of robotics as an important part of the company’s “14th Five-Year Plan” strategic plan.

In the past two years, Jingcheng Electromechanical has successively invested in projects such as Jingcheng Zhitong, Qingdao Beiyang Tianqing, and Beijing Zhitong, laying a solid foundation for the development of the robot sector.On this basis, Jingcheng Electromechanical continues toIndustrial robotThe field of body and core components has been deeply explored and expanded, and the sky-matching robot has been locked as a key investment project. This investment is also an important symbol and a key step for Jingcheng Electromechanical to fully develop the Robot Industry.

According to the data, Peitian Robot is one of the earliest Industrial robot companies in China to “pioneer” towards original innovation and technology localization. It has been researching and developing Industrial Robot technology for more than 12 years, and has now realized the full autonomy and controllability of core technologies. It is China’s An enterprise with a leading degree of autonomy in the core technology of industrial Robots.

Peitian Robot has a mature and complete technical system, and has realized all self-research and development of robot machinery, software, hardware, and algorithms. Its products and business cover a full range of industrial robots, servo systems, numerical control systems, vision systems, and automation integration. .

Today, Peitian Robot has applied for 907 patents, 476 authorized patents, and 76 software copyrights, building technical barriers for enterprises, drafting and formulating 16 national standards, and occupying the first-mover advantage in the industry.

With outstanding core technology advantages and high innovative brand value, in the Veken Cup OFweek 2021 annual selection of the robot industry held by Veken Robot last year, Peitian Robot won the “Vek Cup OFweek 2021 China Robot Industry Annual Excellence Award” Technology Innovation Enterprise Award”.

After years of development, Tiantian robots have been deployed in many fields from civil to military, from agriculture to petroleum, and their products have been widely promoted to 3C electronics, automobiles and parts, bathrooms, machine tools, machinery manufacturing, daily chemicals, food and Pharmaceutical, photoelectric, petroleum, steel industry and other fields, it can be applied to various complex application scenarios such as distributed welding, polishing, handling, machine tool loading and unloading, spraying, assembly, etc.

For future development, Suo Liyang, general manager of Peitian Robotics, said that the future team will continue to take the level of product technology as its core competitiveness, optimize the business structure, quickly improve product categories, and strive to win more market share.

Ruan Zhongkui, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Jingcheng Mechatronics, said that after the investment is completed, Jingcheng Mechatronics will make every effort to build the robot into a world-leading manufacturer of robot bodies and core components. At the same time, he emphasized that Peitian Robot should further strengthen the iterative innovation of products and technologies, actively benchmark against international first-class enterprises, promote the improvement of enterprise operating efficiency, improve operating quality, and achieve the goal of listing as soon as possible.

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