Weight: 4.5 kg

Width: 254 cm

Height: 254 cm

Depth: 254 cm

Condition: Used

Part Number/Part#: 1768-M04SE/A

1768-M04SE/A is a CompactLogix 4 Axis Sercos Interface Module manufactured by Rockwell Automation. It provides

high-performance motion control solution for applications. They require precise and synchronized motion control of up

to four axes.

The module uses the Sercos interface, which is a high-speed digital interface designed specifically for motion control

applications. It allows for fast reliable communication between the controller and the motion devices, such as servo

drives and actuators.

The module supports a range of motion control features, including coordinated motion, electronic gearing, and

camming. It also provides advanced diagnostic and troubleshooting capabilities, easier to identify and resolve issues in

the system.

Allen Bradley 1768-M04SE/A module is compatible with CompactLogix controllers and can be easily integrated into

existing automation systems.

It is also designed to operate in harsh industrial environments, with a wide operating temperature range and resistance

to shock and vibration.

Allen Bradley 1768-M04SE/A CompactLogix 4 Axis Sercos Interface Module Video