Weight: 1.8 kg

Width: 177.8 cm

Height: 152.4 cm

Depth: 177.8 cm

Condition: Used

Coil Voltage: 600V

Hz: 50/60Hz

Amperage: 10A

Part Number/Part#: SH-4

Fuji Electric SH-4 is a series of contactor relays that are designed for various industrial applications. These contactor

relays are designed to provide reliable switching of electrical loads, such as motors, heaters, and lighting systems.

The SH-4 series contactor relays come in various sizes and configurations, with different contact ratings and coil

voltages to match specific application requirements. The contactor relays feature a compact design and are easy to

install, making them ideal for use in various industrial and commercial applications.

Some key features of Fuji Electric SH-4 series contactor relays include high electrical durability, low power

consumption, low noise operation. These contactor relays operates in harsh environments, with a wide temperature

range, protection against dust and moisture.

Fuji Electric SH-4 Contactor Relay Video