Part Number/Part#


Made in


Net Weight

0.003 kg

Gross Weight

0.003 kg

Size (Length*Width*Height)

15*8*8 mm


Parts Accessories Robot


1 Piece

WEEE Category

Product Not in WEEE Scope


4N5028 used in ABB robotic applications where it used as a fastener to secure other components or parts in place. The

nut made of a durable material like steel, to withstand high levels of stress and pressure.

The threading on the internal surface of the nut is designed to match the threading on a corresponding bolt or screw.

This allows the nut to be easily screwed onto the bolt or screw, creating a secure fastening that can withstand significant

loads and vibrations.

The cylindrical body of 4N5028 nut is smooth polished. It reduces friction and allows for easy installation and removal.

The nut includes additional features like flanges or grooves, to further secure nut in place or provide additional torque


ABB Robot 4N5028 Nut Assy Video

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