Expert Interpretation: Opportunities for Chinese Industrial Robots

2015 is calledrobotthe first year ofindustryrobotstillservice robothave received unprecedented attention.

whether it is XiIndustry 4.0The “Robot Revolution” or Premier Li’s “Innovation” has greatly promoted the development of Robots in China. More and more enterprises and makers have joined it. Some people say that China will become the world’s largestRobot marketand it is getting closer and closer to the level of the world.

So what is the status quo of Chinese robots? The reporter recently participated in the Robot Industry sharing event held by Shenzhen Science and Technology Association. Several guests at the meeting mainly put forward some opinions on the status quo of Industrial robots and service robots.

Expert Interpretation: Opportunities for Chinese Industrial Robots

 Status and Opportunities of Industrial Robots

China’s Industrial Robot sales have been growing rapidly in recent years. As early as 2013, China has become the world’s largest industrial robot market.According to the new strategyRobot IndustryAccording to the statistics of the Institute, the global sales of industrial robots increased by 26.4% in 2014, and the growth trend was the fastest in China, reaching 55%, with an annual sales of about 56,500 units.

The rapid development of China’s industrial robots has attracted the attention of foreign media, and it is said that in two years, the number of robots operating in Chinese factories will exceed that of any other country. And can this be said that China’s level of industrial robots surpasses that of all countries? Of course not. The overall number of robots in China is not small, but China has a large population. On average, the coverage rate of robots in China is still very low. Li Jinke, deputy director of the New Strategic Robot Industry Research Institute, said that there is still a big gap between China’s industrial robots and the world’s level, and key components are highly dependent on foreign countries.

The four core components of industrial robots need to be strengthened!

(1) RobotcontrollerLack of basic research: 1. Dynamics, servo vibration suppression technology; 2.sensorand application process. Brands: KEBA, Gugao, Canop, Xindai, Baoyuan, etc.

(2) The lack of basic research in servo system analysis: 1. Absolute encoder technology; 2. High-endmotor3. Practical verification experience of performance indicators. Core brands: Yaskawa, Sanyo, Panasonic, Huichuan, Estun, Qingneng Dechuang.

(3) Controllers in foreign robot companies such as ABB, KUKA, Yaskawa, Fanuc, etc. almost all develop controllers by themselves, including some small companies that also need to master the development technology of control.Due to the controller andmechanicalThere is a close relationship between structure, dynamic model, motion mode, etc., and self-developed research and development can create unique advantages of your own equipment;

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