Delta Green Building +1! New EMEA office building opens in the Netherlands

Delta Green Building +1! New EMEA office building opens in the Netherlands

Delta Chairman Hai Yingjun (fourth from left) and CEO Zheng Ping (fifth from left) and other Delta management teams and guests from all walks of life jointly unveiled the Helmond green building in Delta’s EMEA region.

Delta’s new office building at the Helmond Automotive Campus in the Netherlands was officially unveiled. This building will support Delta’s EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa) business, product testing and technical services, and will play an important role in business development in the fields of Industrial automation, industrial power, and electric vehicles. Through Delta’s smart energy-saving solutions and environmentally friendly green building design, this office building, which has a total area of ​​4,055 square meters and is expected to accommodate 150 employees, will save 56.84% of electricity usage per year compared with traditional buildings ( Calculated according to the benchmark of ASHRAE 90.1-2010 Appendix G), and has obtained the LEED Gold Green Building Certification of the US Green Building Council, and will become an important network for Delta to promote low-carbon transportation and sustainable cities.

Delta Green Building +1! New EMEA office building opens in the Netherlands

Mrs. Elly Blanksma, Mayor of Helmond, awarded the LEED Gold Green Building Certification to Dalip Sharma, President of Delta EMEA.

Delta Green Building +1! New EMEA office building opens in the Netherlands

Delta Chairman Hai Yingjun shared Delta’s various smart energy-saving solutions and the developing low-carbon sustainable city vision to the guests present.

Mr. Zheng Ping, CEO, said that Delta continues to practice the business mission of “environmental protection, energy conservation, and love for the earth”, and regards energy conservation, green buildings, and electric transportation as necessary means to alleviate the global energy crisis. In addition to the newly completed Helmond building, Delta has built or donated 32 green buildings around the world. Delta is committed to helping all mankind reduce their dependence on fossil fuels and reduce their carbon footprint. This is also reflected in the fact that between 2010 and 2021, its high-efficiency and energy-saving products have helped customers around the world save 35.9 billion kWh of electricity. Reached the RE100 goal of using 100% renewable electricity. Delta has also ushered in a new milestone in electric transportation. It has become a high-quality supplier of electric vehicle power and electronic control systems to many major automakers around the world, and has shipped more than 1.5 million sets of electric vehicle charging equipment worldwide.

Delta Green Building +1! New EMEA office building opens in the Netherlands

CEO Zheng Ping elaborated on Delta’s outstanding capabilities in electric vehicles, infrastructure, building automation and smart manufacturing solutions.

Dalip Sharma, general manager of Delta’s EMEA region, said that the new office building is located in the Helmond Automotive Campus, which is a hot spot for the development of the international automobile industry. Delta invests more than 8% of its revenue in R&D and innovation every year. It has more than 9,000 R&D engineers and 72 R&D centers around the world, and nearly 1,000 engineers and 15 R&D centers in the EMEA region. Solutions for carbon-sustainable cities. The local high-quality science and technology education and the exchange and cooperation opportunities between enterprises in the park will also help Delta to cultivate top scientific and technological talents in the fields of electric transportation, industrial automation, and industrial power supply.

Delta Green Building +1! New EMEA office building opens in the Netherlands

Dalip Sharma, President of Delta EMEA, explained that the new Helmond green building building can fully strengthen Delta’s R&D and service capabilities for customers and partners.

Delta Green Building +1! New EMEA office building opens in the Netherlands

Nearly 100 participants fully learned about Delta’s smart energy-saving solutions through the guided tour.

The new Helmond building is a concrete demonstration of Delta’s smart energy-saving solutions. The new green building office building uses many products and solutions developed by Delta itself, including:

Building Automation Solutions

Delta Energy’s online building management system can monitor building energy consumption in real time, while sensors and controllers of Delta’s Austrian subsidiary LOYTEC and Canadian subsidiary Delta Controls can automatically adjust air conditioning and lighting according to the number of people in each area, and use UNOnext indoor air The quality management system operates synchronously. The access control and monitoring system uses fisheye cameras and people counting cameras from the subsidiary Jingrui Communication, and the parking lot has also introduced license plate recognition and LED smart street lights to further improve safety.

Smart Energy Solutions

The building is equipped with Delta’s M70A series of high-efficiency solar photovoltaic inverters and a 133kW solar photovoltaic power generation system consisting of 360 solar photovoltaic panels, which can help the building achieve net zero energy consumption when the sun is full.

Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions

There are Delta DC fast chargers and AC chargers for employees and visitors to use. Among them, the AC Max is small in size, beautiful in appearance and easy to install. It can provide up to 22kW of AC charging, which is suitable for commercial and residential applications.

Delta Green Building +1! New EMEA office building opens in the Netherlands

Introduction of Delta Helmond New Building

The new Helmond building covers an area of ​​about 4,055 square meters. In addition to the office space, it also has test and service support spaces. It will play an important role in the fields of industrial automation, industrial power, and electric vehicle solutions in Delta’s EMEA region. Hoofddorp’s headquarters complement each other to accelerate business development in the EMEA market. The building’s showroom and various solutions in actual operation allow customers to quickly understand Delta’s comprehensive solutions.

Helmond Automotive Campus is an innovation hub for the industrial and automotive industries. Delta will integrate into its ecosystem and develop strategic partnerships, such as with local schools such as Eindhoven Technical University and Fontys Hogeschool Carry out industry-university exchanges and joint research and development projects. The Helmond office is expected to have 150 employees.

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