Boston Dynamics Robot’s New Algorithm Blessing Can Step on the “Plum Blossom Pile”

I still remember the doll that was played by an engineer in a fancy wayrobotAtlas? Now,GoogleIts Boston Dynamics company has upgraded the algorithm of Atlas, so that this silly big man has the new skill of “footing the plum blossom pile” and easily walks on the rough road paved with sharp stones.

Boston Dynamics Robot Atlas moves forward

The new version of the Atlas robot comes from the Human & Machine Cognition (human and machine cognition) research center. They say that the new algorithm can help Atlas switch gravity legs, and when encountering bumpy roads, the robot can try to find a solid foothold, so as to Slowly transfer your entire body weight to your carefully outstretched gravity legs and keep your arms outstretched to balance your body like a tightrope walker!

Regarding the combination of Atlas’ dynamic pace and angular momentum, the team said that this is when the Atlas’ legs move and the torso bulges slightly, which allows the robot to “keep its balance” in motion more like a human. This research has significant implications for using Robots in real life.

It can be seen from the short video that Atlas can slowly pass through various bumpy roads. Like a human, it will first stretch out its feet to explore the virtual reality and make sure that the foothold is safe enough to transfer the weight of the whole body with confidence. past. If the next step is still uneasy, Atlas will still repeat the previous tentative action.

TechWeb has been keeping an eye on this adorable humanoid robot. In 2015, Atlas participated in a “Robot Olympics” where the world’s most advanced robots came together to challenge a series of obstacles. At that time, Atlas did not have the blessing of a new algorithm, so when he passed the rough obstacle road, he just took the first step, and he fell all fours in the sky due to the unstable center of gravity.

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Boston Dynamics has put out a video every few months this year showing off Atlas’ new skills, which have evolved to become more and more human-like. The skills Atlas has mastered so far are:

1. Stand up after a fall

2. Running

3. Balance on narrow wooden bars

4. Cleaning, including cleaning and cleaning

5. Karate kick

6. Throwing paper airplanes

In September of this year, Boston Dynamics also released a video showing that Atlas had just learned the “Golden Rooster Independence” movement and was able to maintain a unicorn stand for about 20 seconds. (open air)

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