YOFC’s 2016 smart manufacturing new model application project successfully passed the acceptance

On May 23, the Hubei Provincial Department of Economy and Information Technology and the Department of Finance organized the 2016 Smart Fibre and Cable Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “YOFC”, stock code: 601869.SH, 06869.HK) in Qianjiang In the acceptance meeting of the application project of new manufacturing mode – “YOFC’s independent preform and optical fiber industrialization intelligent manufacturing project”, the expert group believes that the project consortium led by YOFC has fully completed and partially exceeded the technical requirements stipulated in the project task book. And economic indicators, unanimously agreed to pass the acceptance. The expert group spoke highly of: the implementation of this project has successfully established a new mode of intelligent manufacturing in the optical fiber and cable industry, which has a demonstration and leading role in promoting the design and manufacturing informatization and intelligent technology progress of the optical fiber and cable industry in my country and even in the world, and has achieved remarkable economic and social progress. benefit.

YOFC’s 2016 smart manufacturing new model application project successfully passed the acceptance
The expert group visited the workshop

The acceptance of “YOFC’s independent preform and optical fiber industrialization intelligent manufacturing project” is not only an appraisal of the project itself, but also another review of YOFC’s technological innovation capabilities during the “13th Five-Year Plan” period. In July 2013, when General Secretary Xi Jinping inspected Hubei, he proposed that Hubei should focus on making new breakthroughs in promoting the transformation of economic development mode and Industrial structure adjustment; in April 2018, when General Secretary Xi inspected Hubei again, he proposed that Hubei should effectively promote high-quality Development, emphasizing that “cultivating new kinetic energy and realizing the conversion of old and new kinetic energy” is a major event for the realization of high-quality development of the Yangtze River Economic Belt; Greater efforts will be made to implement the innovation-driven development strategy, actively integrate into the national strategy, promote high-quality development, continuously enhance the comprehensive strength and competitiveness of the central region, and strive to create a new situation for the rise of the central region.

As the first batch of pilot demonstration enterprises of intelligent manufacturing in the country, YOFC has kept in mind the entrustment of General Secretary Yin Yin, relied on the national independent innovation platform, firmly grasped the technological innovation strategy, and insisted on innovation-driven development. Breakthrough results have been achieved, and the “YOFC Independent Preform and Optical Fiber Industrialization Intelligent Manufacturing Project” was successfully selected as the 2016 New Model Application Project of Intelligent Manufacturing.

YOFC’s 2016 smart manufacturing new model application project successfully passed the acceptance
Three-dimensional warehouse robot delivery and sorting

The project started in January 2016 and was completed in two phases within three years. As a leader in the global optical fiber and cable industry, YOFC and its wholly-owned subsidiary, YOFC Optical Fiber Qianjiang Co., Ltd. (“YOFC Qianjiang”), and the leading enterprises in the robotics industry – SIASUN Robotics automation Co., Ltd., A leading domestic system integration and software enterprise, Jiangsu Dongda Jinzhi Information System Co., Ltd., established an intelligent manufacturing consortium, and jointly implemented the project in the world’s largest optical fiber preform R&D and production base, YOFC Qianjiang.

Relying on the independent innovation ability formed by years of hard work in the optical communication industry, and with the joint efforts of members of various project units, YOFC has carried out intelligent manufacturing exploration and practice in the field of optical fiber manufacturing, and achieved fruitful results: this project has completed 4 digitalization projects Technical indicators of workshop and smart factory, including intelligent improvement of core process equipment, full-process automation of production process, digital workshop based on MES system (Manufacturing Execution System, that is, the production process execution system of manufacturing enterprise), and preform and optical fiber manufacturing smart factory . The project has successfully developed several core intelligent manufacturing equipment, broke through more than ten key technologies, and completely broke the technological blockade of foreign countries; submitted several national industry standards, applied for dozens of Chinese invention patents, and formed a solid foundation in the field of intelligent manufacturing. Unique innovative knowledge system; in particular, the enabling effect of intelligent manufacturing on the production process has achieved remarkable results, achieving a substantial cost reduction and efficiency increase. The project achieved a 26% increase in production efficiency, a 27.3% reduction in operating costs, and a 34.4% reduction in product development cycle. , the rate of defective products was reduced by 24.7%, and the energy utilization rate was increased by 48.4%, exceeding the various assessment indicators stipulated in the project mission statement.

YOFC’s 2016 smart manufacturing new model application project successfully passed the acceptance

In the future, adhering to the mission of “connecting a better life with wisdom”, YOFC Smart Factory will continue to optimize and upgrade the intelligent process platform, and promote the quality and efficiency of core technical indicators of optical fiber manufacturing. YOFC will also devote itself to the replication and promotion of intelligent manufacturing experience in the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, improve the intelligent manufacturing level of the entire industry, and explore general technologies and applications with universal applicability in the manufacturing field in due course. At the same time, YOFC will also carry out more in-depth research on the construction of intelligent manufacturing standard system and the exploration of new intelligent manufacturing models, and extract more successful experience in line with the commonality of the industry, so as to contribute to the high quality of my country’s optical fiber and cable industry and even the entire manufacturing industry. make greater contributions to development.

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