Russia to develop national strategy for artificial intelligence

According to a report on the Russian President’s website on the 27th, Russia will complete the formulation of a national strategy for artificial intelligence in mid-June to strengthen investment and support for artificial intelligence and other industries.

According to the list of tasks to be implemented in President Putin’s State of the Union address released on the President’s website, the Russian government must formulate Russia’s national strategy in the field of artificial intelligence by June 15, and introduce supplementary measures by July 1 to accelerate the artificial intelligence Investment and support for SME projects in the areas of intelligence, IoT, robotics and big data.

Russia to develop national strategy for artificial intelligence

Putin also requested that the government will launch a general outline for the development of the national communication network and data storage and processing infrastructure by the end of this year; by the end of 2021, all primary and secondary schools in Russia will be integrated into the high-speed internet network; by January 1, 2022 15 science education centers will be built. Centers, of which five science and education centers in Perm Krai and other places will start operation before the end of this year.

In March 2018, the Russian Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, and the Russian Academy of Sciences held a meeting to invite domestic and foreign artificial intelligence experts to study and judge the current status of global artificial intelligence development. Artificial Intelligence Development Plan”. After that, the Russian Ministry of Defense took the lead in releasing the “Ten Plans for Artificial Intelligence”, which set out guiding arrangements for the future research on artificial intelligence in Russia and the coordination of various departments and agencies.

On February 11 this year, U.S. President Trump signed an executive order to launch the “American Artificial Intelligence Initiative”, which aims to mobilize more federal funds and resources for artificial intelligence research and development at the national strategic level to deal with “strategic competitors and foreign countries.” adversaries” to ensure U.S. leadership in the field. (intern reporter Hu Dingkun)

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