Estimated Lead Time: 4 – 6 weeks.

Part Number/Part#: IPSYS01

Product Type: System Power Module

Harmony Rack I/O

Power input


102 to 264 VAC

102 to 144 VDC

Full Load Input Current (A):

120 VAC: 4.3

240 VAC: 2.0

125 VDC: 4.3

Load sharing: Current shared equally between modules within 5% (highest current load to lowest current load) at full load

Line regulation: ±0.5% of the nominal output voltage over the input voltage range

Load regulation: Within specified minimum and maximum outputs from 0% to 100% load

Hold up time: 20 msecs following loss of power

Heat dissipation: 175 W

Size(D*W*H): 444.5* 48.3*218.4mm

Weight: 2.55 Kg

Shipping Weight: 4 Kg

IPSYS01 provides reliable power to electronic equipments and systems, including computers, servers,

telecommunications equipment.

IPSYS01 configured with different power modules depending on specific power requirements of equipment or system.

The system consists of

base unit and one or more power modules hot-swapped without interrupting power to connected equipment.

IPSYS01 high-efficient power conversion technology, to reduce energy consumption and heat generation, resulting in

lower operating costs and longer component life.

It advanced power management features, including power factor correction and overload protection, to ensure safe

reliable operation of connected equipment.

IPSYS01 ABB System Power Module Video

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