GMCC & Welling was rated as a national “green factory”, leading green manufacturing to a new height

Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced the 2022 Green Manufacturing List, GMCC Meizhi, a system-level solution provider for core components of consumer appliances, and two factories under Welling Welling—Guangdong Meizhi Precision Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Zhizhi Precision”), Guangdong Welling Motor Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (referred to as “Welling Motor”) were among them, and were awarded the national “Green Factory”. The selection this time is a full recognition of GMCC & Welling’s active role in playing a leading role in energy conservation and carbon reduction, building a benchmark factory for green manufacturing, and helping the industry achieve green development.

GMCC & Welling was rated as a national “green factory”, leading green manufacturing to a new height

Guangdong Welling Motor Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was rated as a national “green factory”

The “14th Five-Year” Industrial Green Development Plan proposes to comprehensively improve the level of green manufacturing and help the industrial sector achieve the goal of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality. Green factories are the core support of the green manufacturing system. Guided by the Group’s “Green Strategy”, GMCC & Welling is a pioneer, fully integrating green management in all aspects of the life cycle such as design, procurement, production, and recycling, while leading upstream and downstream partners to go green and low-carbon, creating a comprehensive Green manufacturing management systems and management models including green factories, green products, and green supply chains.

Provide green products and services throughout the whole life cycle of green production

GMCC & Welling runs through the concept of high efficiency, green, recycling, and low carbon throughout the entire life cycle process of technology research and development, product design, raw material selection, manufacturing, and customer service, improving product advancement and environmental friendliness, and committing to green production . For example, in terms of harmless raw materials, Welling Motor has carried out a lot of work in the replacement of toxic and harmful materials, material saving optimization, and material recycling. For example, a large proportion of environmentally friendly water-based paints are used to replace oil-based paints, which reduces VOCS by about 1 year. The discharge volume is 10.2 tons, and the paint residue is reduced by about 4 tons.

In terms of creating green products, Meizhi Precision introduces the concept of ecological design, focusing on products with high energy efficiency, good environmental protection and safety, high resource utilization, lightweight and miniaturized products, easy disassembly and recycling, and reusable products Features. The research results include rotary variable frequency variable capacity jet enthalpy-increasing omnipotent coupling compressor technology, which is applied to household air conditioners, commercial air conditioners, heat pump hot water and other fields to achieve high APF energy efficiency, high heating capacity, fast cooling and heating, ultra-low temperature and quietness, etc. Has been mass-produced. The R290 rotary compressor with core independent intellectual property rights was independently developed by Meizhi, which uses R290 environmentally friendly refrigerant to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote the sustainable development of the HVAC industry. Welling Motor actively promotes the production of green and energy-saving motors, and has developed a series of low-carbon and energy-saving motor products such as a new generation of ultra-efficient air-conditioning BLDC motors and ultra-efficient commercial air-conditioning BLDC motors. Among them, high-performance brushless DC motors have obtained low-carbon product certification.

In the production process, GMCC & Welling actively promotes intelligent manufacturing, adopts automated devices, improves product qualification rate, product quality and raw material utilization rate, thereby reducing the generation of waste products, and is committed to controlling and reducing the impact of pollutants on the surrounding environment. Combining digital and intelligent technologies to realize the interconnection of processes and equipment and improve production efficiency. With its leading digital and intelligent capabilities, Welling Motor was awarded the title of “First-Class Digital and Intelligent Demonstration Factory” issued by Foshan Bureau of Industry and Information Technology. At the same time, for the waste generated in the production and operation process, Welling Motor strictly complies with the management regulations on hazardous waste and sends them to qualified units for treatment and disposal, so as to reduce the impact of solid and gas waste on the environment to a minimum level .

Deploy green energy and smart energy management to reduce carbon emissions and improve efficiency

Energy is the key breakthrough to realize green production. GMCC & Welling mainly starts from three aspects: from the source, deploy clean energy, use natural gas, solar energy and low-carbon clean energy. Meizhi Precision has a photovoltaic power station in the factory area, which will generate electricity for 1017.86 hours in 2021, with a power generation capacity of 986,600 kWh. At the same time, it has built a smart micro-grid to improve the overall efficiency of the photovoltaic power station. Welling Electric has installed a distributed photovoltaic power generation system, and has planned the second and third phases of the photovoltaic project. After the completion of the overall project, the annual power generation is expected to reach 5.0266 million kwh, which can reduce about 3,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

GMCC & Welling was rated as a national “green factory”, leading green manufacturing to a new height

GMCC & Welling was rated as a national “green factory”, leading green manufacturing to a new height

Photovoltaic power station located on the roof of Guangdong Meizhi Precision Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Secondly, comprehensively improve the level of intelligent energy management, realize online monitoring and collection of energy consumption data, and effectively improve energy efficiency. Meizhi Precision has initially established an energy management system to monitor and collect real-time data on output, air compressors, and central air-conditioning systems. Welling uses an intelligent energy consumption monitoring platform to monitor, count and control the power consumption of each power consumption area and large-scale equipment, detect abnormalities in time and respond quickly to reduce energy waste. At the same time, the equipment is maintained and maintained every month to ensure the normal operation of production, and a mechanism to control the occurrence of running, popping, dripping and leaking has been established. The data of the energy management platforms of Meizhi Precision and Welling Electric can be synchronously connected to the carbon platform, and the carbon emissions of each workshop are statistically analyzed every month to provide data support for the implementation of the “dual carbon” strategy.

In addition, energy-saving measures such as equipment optimization and waste heat optimization are adopted to reduce energy consumption. For example, the magnetic levitation chiller used by Welling Motor is a first-class energy-saving product, and the air compressor system of Air Shun fully utilizes the waste heat.

Green industry supply chain to create green development

GMCC & Welling is not only a practitioner of green manufacturing, but also an enabler. With its own leading technology and experience, it drives the carbon reduction and empowerment of upstream and downstream enterprises in the industrial chain, and promotes the green and coordinated development of the industry. Meizhi Precision conducts self-evaluation and continuous improvement of the green supply chain through the integrated platform of green design and manufacturing. At the same time, it will start from customer needs and provide downstream customers with green design and manufacturing integration services covering the entire life cycle. Welling Motor, on the basis of doing a good job in its own carbon reduction, gives priority to the use of green energy, suppliers that implement green manufacturing, purchases green products, and jointly walks the road of low-carbon sustainable development.

As an industry leader, GMCC & Welling will join hands with more upstream and downstream enterprises in the industry chain in the future to create an all-round and multi-angle green production system, improve technical capabilities in green, sustainable, energy-saving and efficiency enhancement, and explore sustainable growth, structural path of growth. With the vision of “technology drives everything”, GMCC & Welling will work hard to build a sustainable ecological environment and a green and low-carbon society, and to achieve the goal of “double carbon” in China and the world.

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