Ecovacs Robot serves as a senior fitness consultant

AsiaIndustrial NetNews: Recently, Hebei Qingpu Fitness Club “hired” Ecovacs Public Servicerobottook office as “senior fitness consultant”, and everyone affectionately called it “Xiaopu”.

“Pu, do you have any tricks to increase muscle mass?”

“Yes! There are 14 tips for building muscle mass: heavy weights, low reps, high sets, long reps, protein after training…”

Ecovacs robot is equipped with artificial intelligence technologies such as visual recognition, speech recognition, and semantic analysis, which can communicate and interact with people smoothly. It is not inferior in the accumulation of fitness knowledge. It can not only use voice, pictures, videos and other multimedia forms to popularize health knowledge for the majority of members with wit and humor, but also analyze the needs of the actual situation and recommend scientific fitness programs and methods for members. He has won many loyal fans with his patient and enthusiastic explanations, and has also left enough time and energy for other fitness consultants to provide specific guidance to members.

Ecovacs Robot serves as a senior fitness consultant

▲Cobos Robot recommends fitness programs to customers

The excellent performance of Ecovacs robot when it went out to explore customers also won the unanimous approval of everyone. It has a friendly anthropomorphic appearance. It can carry out activities such as customer acquisition and commercial promotion in crowded places such as communities and squares, which can quickly gather popularity and quickly bring the intimacy between the intended customers and the fitness club. Ecovacs Robots, which are familiar with business content, can accurately answer questions such as the age limit for card application, group course schedule, etc., grasp customer needs in the human-computer interaction, actively market in a timely manner, scan the official account to obtain customers, recommend card application, etc. Thereby increasing the success rate of marketing.

It is understood that the Cobos robot has been put into use in the Qingpu Fitness Club for nearly a month, and the success rate of scanning the code to acquire customers is as high as 50%. The WeChat official account of Qingpu Fitness will regularly push information such as promotions, fitness tips, open classes or experience classes. After customers follow the QR code pushed by the robot, it will deepen the long-term interaction between the merchant and members and potential customers, which will provide a better future for the future. Marketing creates more opportunities.

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