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Mobile robot (AGV) is a type of industrial robot, which is controlled by a computer and has functions such as movement, automatic navigation, multi-sensor control, and network interaction. It can be widely used in machinery, electronics, textiles, cigarettes, medical care, food, The functions of flexible handling and transmission in papermaking and other industries are also used in automated three-dimensional warehouses, flexible processing systems, and flexible assembly systems (using AGV as an active assembly platform); at the same time, it can be used as a transportation tool in the sorting of items at stations, airports, and post offices .

One of the new trends in the development of logistics technology, and the mobile robot is the core technology and equipment. It uses modern logistics technology to cooperate, support, transform and upgrade the traditional production line, and realize the combination of elevated box storage, operation and handling of point-to-point automatic access. , Realize refinement, flexibility, informatization, shorten logistics process, reduce material loss, reduce floor space, reduce construction investment and other equipment and equipment.

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Spot Welding Robot

The welding robot has stable performance, large working space, fast movement speed and strong load capacity, etc.

Welding Robot

Features, welding quality is significantly better than manual welding, greatly improving the productivity of spot welding operations.

The spot welding robot is mainly used for the welding work of the whole vehicle, and the production process is completed by the major automobile OEMs. Industrial robot companies rely on the cooperative relationship with major automobile companies to provide various spot welding robot unit products to large automobile manufacturers and enter China in the form of welding robots and complete vehicle production lines, taking a leading position in this field.

With the development of the automobile industry, the welding production line requires the integration of welding tongs, and the weight is getting bigger and bigger. The 165 kg spot welding robot is currently a commonly used robot in automobile welding. In September 2008, the Institute of Robotics completed the development of the first 165kg-class spot welding robot, which was successfully applied to the welding workshop of Chery Automobile. In September 2009, the second robot after optimization and performance improvement was completed and successfully passed the acceptance inspection. The overall technical indicators of this robot have reached the level of similar foreign robots.


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