Bezos: We have the strength to challenge SpaceX and Falcon Heavy

In commercial aviation, Blue Origin and SpaceX are the number one companies and are often compared together. Recently, Blue Origin founder Jeff Bezos said, “We will continue to learn in development and test launches to challenge SpaceX and compete with their Falcon Heavy rocket.”

Bezos: We have the strength to challenge SpaceX and Falcon Heavy

It is understood that Blue Origin currently has two major rocket launch projects, the New Glenn rocket and the New Shepard rocket. The New Glenn rocket is a large rocket used to launch large spacecraft, such as heavy-duty communications, internet satellites, and more.

The New Shepard rocket is a “big window vehicle”, and the spacecraft it carries can float for 10 minutes in weightlessness, and is finally returned to the ground by the rocket booster for cyclic launch. Space tourists, on the other hand, can view the outside through large windows. At present, the rocket has been successfully launched 10 times, and the flight altitude has exceeded 100 kilometers.

Bezos said, “We will conduct a lot of experiments and test flights in suborbital orbit, and we will also integrate the relevant experience of the two rockets, such as the upgraded BE-3 engine that powers the New Shepard rocket. On the ‘second stage’ of the New Glenn rocket.”

In addition, Blue Origin will launch a manned rocket this year. Bezos is very confident in this. “Our test of the New Shepard rocket is progressing very smoothly.” And the topic of competition in the commercial space travel market He said, “Space travel must fly above the Kaman Line (100 kilometers above sea level), which is the internationally recognized space boundary. Blue Origin’s missions have always been above the Kaman Line.”

In Bezos’ view, one day in the future, there will be more than 1 trillion humans living and working in the solar system, and with the development of commercial aviation, Blue Origin will also gain more attention this year.

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