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Part Number/Part#: 3BSE040662R1

Product Net Depth / Length: 102 mm

Product Net Height: 119 mm

Product Net Width: 45 mm

Product Net Weight: 0.3 kg

Customs Tariff Number: 85389099

Product type: AI830 Analog Input 1x8ch RTD

Number of Input Channels: 8

Power dissipation: 16W

Rated insulation voltage: 50 V

Dimensions (H*W*D), approx.: 102*119*45 mm

Shipping Weight: 2 kg

3BSE040662R1 used with ABB‘s Advant Controller 400 Series. The module provides high-precision analog input

measurements for industrial applications.

AI830A module has 8 channels. Each accepts voltage or current input signals. The module 16 bits high input

resolution and 10 ms per channel fast conversion rate. It also features automatic signal calibration and configurable

alarms to ensure reliable accurate measurements.

The module communicates with Advant Controller 400 Series via serial communication protocol, providing real-time

data acquisition and control capabilities. AI830A module used in applications like process control, machine monitoring,

industrial automation.

3BSE040662R1 ABB AI830A Analog Input Video

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