Schneider Electric ranks among the top 10 “green innovations” of the Paulson Sustainability Award

On September 22, the Paulson Institute and Tsinghua University officially announced the top ten nominated projects for the 2022 Paulson Sustainability Award. In the competition with more than 100 projects in 25 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions across the country, Schneider Electric successfully entered the Top 10 in the category of “green innovation”!

The “Paulson Prize for Sustainable Development” (referred to as the “Paulson Prize”) was launched in 2013 and is now jointly sponsored by the Paulson Institute and Tsinghua University. It is one of the most influential international awards in the field of sustainable development. . The annual award recognizes innovative, replicable, economic and environmental solutions within China to address the world’s most pressing climate and biodiversity challenges. Focus on China and look at the world.

Schneider Electric ranks among the top 10 “green innovations” of the Paulson Sustainability Award

Top 10 Paulson Prize Nominees for 2022 – Green Innovation Category

In the digital transformation projects of high energy-consuming industries such as cement, Schneider Electric has launched an overall solution mainly supported by green intelligent manufacturing and green energy management. Reduce cost and increase efficiency, significantly reduce energy consumption and reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

Taking the cooperation project of Gansu Qilianshan Cement Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: Qilianshan Cement) as an example, relying on the advanced EcoStruxure architecture, Schneider Electric provided digital consulting and services, APC advanced process control system for the digital pilot plant of Qilianshan Cement. , EMS energy management system including software and hardware integration of the overall solution.

APC Advanced Process Control System

If the raw meal wants to become cement, it must first go through the rotary kiln. As the “heart” of a cement plant, the rotary kiln used to rely heavily on manpower to observe parameters and judge orders. It not only consumes energy, but also the product quality is uneven and difficult to guarantee.

Now, with the help of digital weapons, it has been greatly upgraded from “manual transmission” to “automatic cruise”. Shijia’s APC system based on model predictive control algorithm realizes the optimal operation of cement kiln, preheater, grate cooler and mill system, liberates operators, guarantees quality, and ensures the safety, stability, reliability and environmental protection of cement kiln. run.

“We are the first enterprise in the Northwest Cement Industry to deploy the APC system of a cement kiln, and it was successfully put into operation in half a year.

The APC system of Schneider Electric reduces the standard coal consumption of clinker by more than 1 kg, and the power consumption of the clinker process by 0.7 kWh/ton; In the past three years, the online rate of the system has been as high as 99%, and there has been no out-of-control state caused by any misoperation. It also won the second prize of modern management innovation achievements of China Building Materials Entrepreneurs Management Association.

In December 2019, the company’s limestone mines were included in the “2019 Green Mine Selection List” by the Ministry of Natural Resources. “

—— Cheng Junsheng

Senior Chief Engineer of Zhangxian Qilianshan Cement Co., Ltd.

EMS energy management system

As the king of energy consumption in the building materials industry, cement is the king of energy consumption in the building materials industry. In addition to production problems, the small problems of opaque energy use and “running and dripping” add up, resulting in more than 60% of the total production cost being energy consumption, and energy conservation and emission reduction are urgent.

Schneider Electric’s EMS energy management system makes them appear prototypes, helping managers to dynamically monitor the real-time consumption of water, electricity, coal, steam and other energy sources, keep abreast of the use of raw materials and equipment operation, and identify and tap energy-saving opportunities in production. Make the right decision. It also allows operators to intuitively grasp the energy consumption status of each day, every hour, and each team, learn from each other, and discover hidden dangers, from “being” management to active learning.

“After Schneider Electric’s EMS energy management system was put into operation, the standard coal consumption of our factory’s best single-month clinker was reduced to less than 100 kg/ton, and the electricity bill was reduced by 4.536 million yuan in 2019. EMS is not only a tool, but also an advanced The introduction of mature energy efficiency management concepts into all aspects of production allows us to rethink the industry from an energy-saving and green perspective.”

– Chang Zhanxin

Deputy General Manager of Hongda Building Materials Co., Ltd.

Based on the successful application in the cement industry, the solution has also been replicated and promoted in other high-energy-consuming industries—nonferrous metals, metallurgy, thermal power, and chemical industries, and has achieved outstanding results in energy conservation and efficiency enhancement. Therefore, it will make due contributions to the high-quality development of China’s Industrial sector towards green and intelligent manufacturing and the achievement of the dual-carbon goal.

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