Schneider Electric joins hands with Haide Electric to unlock the smart water password of Enshi Second Water Plant

In the clean, low-carbon and digital transformation of energy production and consumption, the digital transformation of power distribution systems has become an inevitable trend.

As an important part of this industry chain, traditional electrical equipment partners have both the opportunity and the heavy responsibility.

Schneider Electric’s old friend, Haide Electric Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Haide Electric”), is a good player in this green wave. From distributor to digital practice expert, Shi Jiafu enables Haide Electric to transform its business structure and achieve a 15% business growth in 2022.

How Haide Electric has broken out a road of digital transformation, and how it has helped the Second Water Plant of Enshi Water Supply Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Enshi Second Water Plant”) to become a smart water plant, and listen to this article to explain in detail –

Haide Electric was established in 2007 by the French SONEPAR Group, a leading company in the global electrical distribution industry, and Shanghai Haide Control System Co., Ltd., a listed company in the domestic automation industry. It is committed to providing Industrial automation to industrial users. products, electronic and electrical products and supply chain solutions and comprehensive one-stop services. At present, Haide Electric has become an electrical product supplier and service provider with a marketing network covering major industrial cities across the country, and is a model enterprise of digital transformation in the field of electrical equipment distribution.

EcoXpert™ Partner Program –

Transformation from distributor to digital practice expert

Haide Electric has a relatively mature business direction in the field of industrial information automation, and the new power system in the digital age brings increasingly complex management requirements for power distribution systems. New topics in electrical.

Schneider Electric’s EcoXpert™ Partner Program, a major turnaround.

  1. In 2019, Haide Electric joined the EcoXpert partner program and became a Schneider Electric digital power distribution certified partner;
  2. Through a series of professional training, it will be officially upgraded to an elite-level partner of digital power distribution in 2022, and will become a key power certification-level partner;
  3. At present, Haide Electric has built a digital technology professional team including 30 Schneider Electric certified engineers, and established a Schneider Electric digital power distribution laboratory.

Schneider Electric joins hands with Haide Electric to unlock the smart water password of Enshi Second Water Plant

From an agent, to a digital implementation expert with full life cycle business capabilities, the successful transformation of the business structure has brought more project opportunities – the new factory system upgrade project in the industrial park, the upgrade of the Enshi Second Water Plant, etc…. In In 2022, Hyde Electric achieved a business growth of 15%.

Wang Chong, Sales Director of Haide Electric Central China Region, said: “With the change of energy structure, customers’ demands for intelligent management are escalating. With the support of Schneider Electric’s EcoXpert Partner Program, we combine industrial automation business with digital power distribution technology. , mastered the business ability to provide full life cycle solutions, and completed the upgrade of the business structure, which gives us more confidence to accelerate the pursuit of the dual-carbon goal with the whole ecology.”

From old friend to new partner

Witness the Wisdom Change of a Water Plant

As the foundation related to the national economy and people’s livelihood and a key part of the city’s basic service industry, the water industry carries multiple tasks of ensuring the production and life of residents, promoting ecological balance and environmental protection. Under the background of “double carbon”, the domestic water industry has gradually moved towards the development of “building a smart water system”. The intelligent transformation has pointed out the direction for the water plant to achieve quality and efficiency improvement and digital transformation.

  1. The water plant has extremely high requirements for business continuity, and the power distribution system as the support base needs to have extremely high stability;
  2. Electricity expenses for daily operation account for a large part of the cost of water plant operation. Water plants need to improve energy efficiency and reduce energy consumption.

Enshi No. 2 Water Plant, as one of the three major water plants of Enshi City Water Supply Co., Ltd., must be expanded in order to achieve a higher water supply volume in the face of the increasing demand for production and domestic water in Enshi. The area of ​​the water plant The number of power distribution rooms and power distribution cabinets will increase several times compared with the original. Ensuring safe, efficient and stable operation and maintenance management, reducing sudden power outages, and realizing energy conservation and efficiency enhancement are the key issues faced by Enshi Water Company in promoting the intelligent transformation of the water network.

Schneider Electric joins hands with Haide Electric to unlock the smart water password of Enshi Second Water Plant

In this joint project, Haide Electric has added Schneider Electric’s digital power distribution solution on the basis of the original industrial informatization by virtue of its status as a system integrator combining software and hardware, and integrated interconnected products with EcoStruxure architecture and platform. , edge control software, application analysis and services, to provide a full life cycle of smart water solutions including smart power distribution operation and maintenance management systems, interconnection products, etc. for the Enshi Second Water Plant project.

Schneider Electric has built an advanced “sensory system” for the water plant, which can realize the “global perception” of power consumption data and equipment status data, and ensure the safety, reliability, efficiency, pragmatism and sustainable development of the entire water supply process.

Schneider Electric joins hands with Haide Electric to unlock the smart water password of Enshi Second Water Plant

Through the Power Operation power monitoring system, IT dashboard technology, and reporting technology, we can customize image data that can summarize the energy consumption of water plants and other key data, realize refined management of energy consumption and improve work efficiency, maximize energy availability and maximize energy efficiency. The value of energy efficiency management system in chemical water plant.

Through the Power Advisor power consultant, sort out and comprehensively evaluate the power distribution system of Enshi Second Water Plant, ensure that the background power monitoring system is configured correctly, collect data accurately, and visualize complex systems; quickly and accurately identify power distribution system problems, provide effective solutions, and proactively Solve problems; monitor distribution network health, identify opportunities for improvement, avoid unplanned downtime, and generate power system “health check reports”.

Liu Jun, director of the Enshi Second Water Plant, said that in the face of rising water demand, we need more reliable products than ever to achieve a stable supply of electricity. The intelligent upgrade of the operation and maintenance system allows us to clearly control energy data and truly shoulder the responsibility of energy conservation and emission reduction.

From business partner to ecological partner

The digital circle of friends takes root

Digital low-carbon transformation is a complex long-term project, and it is difficult for any company to complete decarbonization on its own. The partner ecosystem established by Shijia can effectively help the diversified development of partners and help enterprises to enrich their business capabilities. With the strong combination of Shijia’s solution capabilities and partners’ business implementation capabilities, we provide customers with excellent intelligent electrical solutions.

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