Niu Liqun: Connecting technology and life with robots

AsiaIndustrial NetNews: In 2012, Jia ShidarobotThe company was established and launched the world’s first home robot experience store. Up to now, there have been more than 200 offline home robot experience stores nationwide and more than 400 shopping malls. In 2016, Casta Robot successfully transformed into a comprehensive service company integrating product research and development, channel construction, media communication and fan service. In October 2016, Justa Robotics Co., Ltd. was successfully listed on the Shanxi Youth Growth Enterprise market.

On March 9, the 2017 China Home Appliances and Consumer Electronics Expo (AWE2017) was grandly opened at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. The global home appliance and consumer electronics industry practitioners flooded into the exhibition hall to gain insight into the latest global technology and development trends. Niu Liqun appeared with his “Bo Niu Window Cleaning Robot”, which once again attracted the attention of the industry. Facing the visitors, Niu Liqun’s introduction was full of confidence, “Don’t play cool, don’t engage in hype, the real smart life just needs products. Bo Niu window cleaning robot was born to solve the problem of window cleaning!”

There is a busy scene at the Justa Robotics Company in Taiyuan’s High-tech Zone. The team is conducting the final R&D tests for new robot products that are about to hit the market. 32-year-old Niu Liqun is the leader of this entrepreneurial team. Five years ago, he resigned as a civil servant, and plunged into the entrepreneurial tide with no skills, no experience, and no funds.

After four or five years of development, Shanxi Jashida Robot Technology Co., Ltd., founded by Niu Liqun, has become a leader in the field of robotics. In the “Double Eleven” in 2016 alone, the company’s window-cleaning robot created RMB 5.8 million. sales. It ranks fourth in the scale of 144 million products sold outside the province in our province, and ranks first in single category.

Niu Liqun: Connecting technology and life with robots

Established the first robot experience store

On April 4th, the reporter came to the headquarters of Jia Shida. The company’s internal atmosphere is more like an IT company. The time scale on the corridor wall marks the growth trajectory of this young company. The machines in the bright and clean office are different from the “Robots” imagined by reporters.

In response to the reporter’s doubts, Niu Liqun pointed to a machine that was adsorbed on the glass window and turned back and forth, and patiently explained the popular science: “There are many types of robots, those with artificial intelligence that can assist humans in their work are called robots, and intelligent household robots are divided into There are many kinds of products, such as this window cleaning robot, which belongs to the household service category and is a flagship product of our company, and the third-generation product is currently on the way of research and development.”

Speaking of the process of starting a business, Niu Liqun has always modestly called himself “the ignorant and fearless”. However, without his keen eyesight and superhuman courage, Niu Liqun would not have achieved such outstanding results by mistake.

Niu Liqun was born in Qinhuangdao, Hebei in 1985. He graduated from the Shanxi Provincial Police Academy in 2006, passed the civil service examination, and joined the Provincial Public Security Department in 2007. For many, this is a decent, stable, good job. But Niu Liqun was not content with the status quo, but tried to do a more challenging job.

“Start a business? I have no technology, no experience, and no funds. Where should I start? Selling clothes? I really can’t do it.” Niu Liqun thought hard, and he suddenly thought of a sentence that Bill Gates once said. “He said, the next ten years will be the world of robots. This industry is still relatively new, so I’ll do it!”

After making up his mind, Niu Liqun began to investigate at home and abroad to get in touch with fresh international technology products. After a long period of research, Niu Liqun obtained the distribution rights of iRobot through his own efforts. It was 2011. For many Chinese people, sweeping robot was still a completely unfamiliar term, and there was no dedicated store to Display robot functions.

“In order to let people see the working status of the sweeping robot more intuitively, I decided to open an experience store.” On New Year’s Day in 2012, the Jiashida robot experience store invested by Niu Liqun, his wife and younger brother opened its doors on Changfeng Street, Taiyuan. This can be said to be a milestone for Shanxi Jiashida. No one expected that this store would have nearly 200 franchise stores in five years and spread all over the country.

Original technology O2O ecology

With the maturity of the domestic robot market, there are more and more robot companies, and the entire industry presents a situation of competition.

“When we opened the robot experience store, we were distributing these robot products as an agent. From the selection of the robot project to the operation so far, I felt that I was targeting business opportunities, and I was lucky. However, before I opened the experience store, many My friends and relatives thought I was crazy for spending so much money on it.”

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Niu Liqun told reporters that after the experience store opened, it also experienced many setbacks and blows. Most of the people who come to the store are watching the excitement and watching the rare. In the impression of many people, robots should have the shape and intelligence of people, and the main product in the store, the sweeping robot, is a discus-shaped thing that can move on the ground. The price is more than 4,000 yuan. Understanding of “robot”. Some customers who entered the store even asked, “Your store is called a robot experience store, where is there any robot? According to you, the fully automatic washing machine can also be called a robot, right?”

Without its own technology and products, Jiashida Robot has encountered an unprecedented development bottleneck. After considering it again and again, Niu Liqun decided to open up the mature platform of Casta Robotics to the outside world and recruit robot R&D teams around the world. Finally, a technical team from Taiwan, China joined Casta Robotics. At the end of 2014, Casta launched its own brand Hobot window cleaning robot, and in 2015, it achieved a sales performance of more than 200 million.

Today, Niu Liqun and his team have created the internet + “R&D + Platform + Experience” technology O2O ecosystem. Additional investment in technology patent research and development, development of robot video platform “”, transformation of offline R-Club robot club, establishment of a forum for robot enthusiasts, and the addition of the first professional, cutting-edge and trendy robot O2O in China electronic business platform.

After nearly two years of hard work, Niu Liqun’s company has obtained ten patents in the aspects of invention, utility model and appearance, and will apply for international patents in the next step.

“At that time, my team and I determined the company’s clear goals and strategic layout. The company is determined to become the largest robot operation service platform in the country.” Niu Liqun introduced to reporters that first of all, the company has a strong robot research and development team, which ensures the continuous innovation of robot products. . Secondly, the company has a powerful video self-media platform and e-commerce platform, which constantly gathers technology enthusiasts. At the same time, the company has built more than 300 offline experience stores and community service stations across the country, creating a Robot Industry ecology through the O2O model, allowing high-tech robot products to enter thousands of households; and as an important part of it, We Media The platform will serve as the company’s main publicity position to undertake the promotion of robot products and the expansion of video marketing.

Create the biggest dark horse of technology video

“In the past two years, the rapid rise of the mobile Internet has changed the whole of China. How to seize the opportunity to develop and grow has left everyone racking their brains.” Niu Liqun told reporters that at that time, he conducted research on technology communication platforms and communication levels and found that technology The market demand for video is very huge, and the domestic technology video is far from insufficient in terms of output quality and quantity, so we set up a team of to combine domestic and foreign scientific and technological highlights, interesting robot products and technological innovation with a new perspective. Show it to tech enthusiasts in a short video.

On this website, viewers can browse the most fashionable technological information, watch the most cutting-edge technological videos, and purchase products in the above robot O2O mall. From the trial operation in April 2016 to November 2016, the cumulative number of views on the site’s original videos exceeded 100 million. Following the trend, Niu Liqun also arranged for company employees to promote robot products through the mobile phone live broadcast platform.

At present, in addition to being updated on, videos are also continuously released on more than 20 new media platforms in China. The monthly viewing volume of “Today’s Toutiao” alone exceeds 10 million, and it ranks fifth in the national video communication upstart list. , the first place in the technology category.

Through this way of publicity, the company not only saves a lot of advertising costs while promoting its products, but also gains many benefits such as membership services, video services, and advertising.

With his remarkable achievements, Niu Liqun won awards in the “Creating the Future” 2016 International Youth Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Competition and the 2016 “Creating Youth” China Youth Internet Entrepreneurship Competition. On October 12, 2016, Niu Liqun’s company was successfully listed on the Shanxi Youth Growth Enterprise Market. In early 2017, Niu Liqun, as the only representative of China’s robotics company, was invited to visit South Korea.

Niu Liqun, who has become a successful model of innovation and entrepreneurship among young people in Shanxi, and his company have received widespread attention. Qin Yizhi, the first secretary of the Secretariat of the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League, Luo Huining, secretary of the Shanxi Provincial Party Committee, and other leaders have visited the company.

Niu Liqun said that studying and working in Shanxi allowed him to take root in Shanxi, and his successful business in Shanxi made him an indissoluble bond with the land of Sanjin. He will continue to work hard in this blessed land to create more jobs. Positions, attract more high-end talents to stay in Shanxi, and build the largest robot platform in China. “At present, we have cooperated with Jingdong Incubator, Shanxi High-tech Entrepreneurship Center and other units to focus on organizing achievements with independent innovation and intellectual property rights in several major fields such as Shanxi-based intelligent manufacturing equipment technology, artificial intelligence, new technology and the Internet. and products, build a Shanxi innovative product incubation platform based on their respective advantageous resources, integrate resources such as venture capital, entrepreneurial incubation, e-commerce marketing, technology research and development, and technology self-media to jointly build a Shanxi high-tech center, and continuously cultivate Shanxi technology brands to the country. I want the whole country and the world to know that Shanxi not only has black gold (coal), but we also have black technology!” Niu Liqun said.

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