Food delivery robots have entered an explosive stage, and sales will exceed 60,000 units in 2023

The food delivery robot is an important driving force in the catering industry. Its main function is to complete the work in the restaurant as a robot waiter. Through the integration of key technologies such as autonomous movement, environmental perception, chassis, voice recognition, smart chips, and multi-machine scheduling, it can move freely. , collaborative operation, and comprehensive perception of new development capabilities.

Today, catering Robots have entered the outbreak stage. Top catering brands such as Haidilao, Quanjude, and Grandma’s have begun to use food delivery robots on a large scale. The Industrial chain ecology is also gradually improving. The epidemic has accelerated the penetration rate of catering robots. Come to the stage of rapid development.

The “In-depth Research on the Current Situation of China’s Intelligent Robot Industry and Forecast Report on Development Prospects (2023-2029)” released by Guanyan Report Network recently pointed out that the food delivery robot industry is relatively weakly affected by the economic cycle and has the characteristics of “low risk and high return” . For the catering industry and enterprises, robots have three values ​​based on their own characteristics. One is that robots rely on their own names and attractive appearances, which can bring huge traffic; Functions, as well as human-computer interaction, can bring customers a high-quality service experience; the third is to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

The report pointed out that in the past three years, due to the impact of the epidemic, “contactless service” has stood out among various service methods, and the demand for food delivery robots in society has increased. Food delivery robots can also enable various catering companies to achieve the goal of reducing costs and increasing efficiency. Finding the second growth curve, it is estimated that the sales of food delivery robots will reach 60,000 to 70,000 units in 2023.

Taking the single-store operating data released by Qinglang Intelligent, a leading enterprise of catering robots, as a reference: during the New Year’s Day holiday, the average single-store delivery is 150 times per day, and more than 300 trays are delivered, and the highest delivery volume in a single day reaches 480 trays, which is nearly 400 tables. Customers can enjoy contactless delivery with more peace of mind.

Judging from the application effect, the food delivery robot has significantly improved the operating efficiency of the restaurant, and by reducing the workload of the waiters, it will help the restaurant improve the service experience and meet the needs of young people in the new era.

Contemporary young people are very willing to accept new things, especially for various high-tech products. How to connect these preferences with the catering industry and use robots with real commercial value and labor capacity is the key for catering companies to continue to develop and expand their market share. important path.

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