Zhuhai: The robot industry is on the rise!Zhuhai’s “tax power” helps enterprises to accelerate the beach

According to “ChinarobotIndustry Development Report (2022)” predicts that in 2022, my country’s robot market will reach 17.4 billion US dollars. According to the report of the 2022 World Robot Conference held in Beijing recently, my country has become the largest application market for Robots in the world. This “blue ocean” industry has attracted many companies to “fall down” and accelerate the beach.

Zhuhai: The robot industry is on the rise!Zhuhai’s “tax power” helps enterprises to accelerate the beach

Tax officials go deep into the enterprise to introduce and publicize the new combined tax support policy Photo courtesy of respondents

In order to serve and support the “industry first” development strategy and help Zhuhai accelerate the development of advanced manufacturing industries, the Zhuhai tax department has stepped up efforts to launch policies and service “combination punches” to stimulate new momentum for the development of enterprises in the robotics industry in Zhuhai.

Tax Service Guarantee Escorts Enterprises to Steady Development

In the context of epidemic prevention and control, the normalized safety and hygiene conditions of public places have aroused social concern, and the “contactless” service has been widely recognized by the public. Aiming at the real needs of this field, Clairvoyance (Zhuhai) Robot Co., Ltd. has stepped up the research and development of a “visitor temperature measurement robot”, which has become a major weapon in epidemic prevention work as soon as it came out.

However, for this newly established company in 2020, the road of independent research and development is not easy. Miss Qu, the tax officer, said: “The tax incentive policy has given us a lot of support. Last year, the company enjoyed 75% of the R&D expenses plus deduction, with a preferential amount of nearly 130,000 yuan. We used this fund to update the R&D equipment and speed up the The development of this visitor temperature measurement robot has also become the company’s first step into the industry.”

It is reported that most of the SMEs engaged in robot research and development are manufacturing SMEs and technology-based SMEs, and many policies such as high-tech enterprise income tax incentives are applicable. In order to reduce the distress of enterprises looking for a “needle in a haystack” inquiring about applicable policies, the Zhuhai Municipal Taxation Department has “customized” a special counseling plan for them. Special personnel will regularly go to the enterprise to conduct demand research, and organize various contents including preferential tax policies and application methods by industry. A special guideline for enterprises to enjoy policies in a “one-stop” way, to understand tax-related information in a “one-stop” manner, and to reduce the burden of handling tax matters.

Tax incentives support policy “overweight” to help enterprises “climb over the hurdles”

Zhuhai Liting Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. recently launched a new robot, which is very effective in solving the problem of difficult to find parking spaces in shopping malls. When it detects that a vehicle has entered, the robot will carefully “hold” the car through the fork, and send it to the corresponding parking space under the guidance of the intelligent system, solving the problem with one move.

“Affected by the epidemic in the past two years, overseas suppliers have often experienced supply shortages, and customers have become more cautious in investment. The number of orders has decreased significantly, and both upstream and downstream industries have experienced a downward trend.” Li Yu, head of Li Ting Intelligent Finance, said, ” Fortunately, with the strong support of the tax department, we were able to get through this difficult time.”

It is understood that after the additional deduction ratio of R&D expenses of manufacturing enterprises was increased to 100% last year, the Zhuhai tax department not only pushed tax incentives to enterprises in a timely manner, helping enterprises to enjoy more than 3.3 million yuan in tax incentives in time, but also through the taxpayer supply chain The query system helps enterprises to unblock production and sales channels and alleviate the problem of supply chain tension.

“The service measures of the tax department are very timely and effective. The saved taxes allow us to devote more energy to technological innovation, dig deep into cutting-edge technologies, and continue to consolidate the international leading level. This year, it is expected to drive the upstream and downstream industries by about 2 billion yuan. dollar value.”

Remaining tax rebates to reduce burdens and increase efficiency to accelerate the formation of Industrial clusters

Relying on a group of high-quality intelligent manufacturing enterprises, Zhuhai has made every effort to promote the continuous agglomeration of intelligent manufacturing and robotics industries. Major scientific and technological innovations such as “Zhuhai No. 1” remote sensing micro-nano satellite constellation and Yunzhou intelligent 5G technology unmanned boat have emerged successively. , the intelligent manufacturing and Robot Industry clusters are gradually formed.

SINOMACH (Zhuhai) Robot Science and Technology Park is one of the best. Vice Chairman He Jianzhao said, “The domestic robot industry started a little later, and the technology accumulation is weak, especially the industrial supply chain has yet to be improved. We actively cooperate with major universities, research institutes, upstream and downstream supply chains and other resources, and hope to build an industry-university-research institute as soon as possible. With the combined complete robot ecosystem, small and medium-sized robot robots can go from ‘single action’ to ‘group development’ and create a first-class robot industry cluster.”

In order to help enterprises better revitalize their funds, the Zhuhai tax department has increased the implementation of the new combined tax and fee support policy in a targeted manner. After screening out the list of companies with applicable policies through big data, tax officials will inform the company of the content of the tax refund policy and application methods through the company’s WeChat group as soon as possible.

After enjoying the tax rebate of more than 24 million yuan, SINOMACH invested the money in the construction of the public technology platform, and actively introducedindustryrobot,automationLeading domestic and foreign enterprises in the field, and promote the settlement of project groups. At present, there are many robot start-up enterprises such as Zhuhai Yijian Smart Technology Co., Ltd. in the park. The robot industry cluster has begun to take shape, and the degree of aggregation has been greatly improved.

The relevant person in charge of the Zhuhai tax department said, “At present, intelligent manufacturing industries such as robots are in a period of accelerated development, and the tax department will further improve the precision of policy implementation and the strength of service guarantees, escort the booming development of the industry, and give birth to more forces and kinetic energy.”

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