Yinfu Technology: Why do some robot drivers play high-end games, while others are just toys?

AsiaIndustrial NetNews: in “mechanicalUnder the influence of science fiction films such as Public Enemy, people haverobotMy imagination is still more of a humanoid robot that is about the size of a human and also has hands and feet.However, it is not easy to develop such a humanoid robot. First of all, in terms of the brain, although the current artificial intelligence technology has reached or even surpassed human beings in some fields, it is still far behind humans in general; In terms of robot drive, miniaturized servomotorThe lack of high-end humanoid Robots has also become the most important obstacle to the landing of high-end humanoid robots.

Yinfu Technology is such a company that aims to solve the problem of robot driving from the bottom, and their core products are robots and other products.industryMiniaturized and integrated servo motor system that is crucial in the field.

According to Zhu Ziming, COO of Yinfu Technology, the ideal of Yinfu Technology at the beginning of its establishment five years ago was to develop high-end robot products that represent China’s technological strength, and its original target product was Japan’s Asmo robot. It is understood that Asmo is a high-end service robot developed by Honda in Japan since 1986. It is one of the most advanced humanoid robots in the world. Asmo can not only walk freely, go up and down stairs, but even jump. In addition, the two cameras built into ASMO’s head can help it capture visual information, so it can detect nearby moving objects and determine distance and direction. Once it detects a pedestrian, it will choose another road to avoid it, and it can maintain its balance even with a slight bump. Because of its human-like hands, Asmo can not only open bottles and pour wine, but also hold things.

However, before starting to develop the whole robot, Zhu Ziming believes that it is necessary to solve the problem of miniaturization of the servo motor, which is very important in the field of small humanoid robots. “Servo motor systems in industryautomationIn fact, the field has been widely used, but most of the components of servo motors (including servo drives, servo motors, encoders, precision reducers, etc.) were developed and produced by different manufacturers, so that the final combined servo The motor system has to face the problem of being too bulky, but fortunately there is no shortage of space in large factories, so few people try to integrate and miniaturize the servo motor system. “

However, in the field of humanoid robots, due to the limited size, a miniaturized motor system must be used. “The servo motor system used by ASMO was specially developed by Honda, but unfortunately it is not sold.” Therefore, Zhu Ziming said that they Had to turn to research on the miniaturization and integration of the servo motor system.

Of course, there are many small humanoid robots like Ubisoft on the domestic market, but Zhu Ziming said that most humanoid robots on the market use steering gear, “Compared with industrial-grade servo motors, although the steering gear is very It’s cheap, but it’s only at the toy level in terms of performance.” Zhu Ziming said that the accuracy of the steering gear is not enough, but the failure rate is quite high. Zhu Ziming believes that low-end products can use steering gear, but medium and high-end products must use servo motor systems.

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The hard work pays off. After several years of hard work, the miniaturized and integrated servo motor system developed by Yinfu Technology has been mass-produced. It integrates the originally scattered servo drives, servo motors, encoders, precision reducers and other modules into one device, thereby greatly reducing the size of the entire system. Therefore, the system is also called micro servo, and the price has been reduced to about 10,000 yuan. It is also worth mentioning that the core components such as servo drives, servo motors and encoders have achieved independent research and development and production. At the same time, Yinfu Technology is also independently developing high-precision reducers, trying to complete the “final closed loop”.

With a suitable servo motor system, Yinfu’s “Asmo” robot dream can finally be realized. At present, Yinfu Technology has developed a variety of robot products for education, business and police fields, and the degrees of freedom of the whole body range from 22 to 34.

It is understood that at the level of the overall robot system, the core technology of Yinfu Technology comes from Professor Ju Hehua, an expert in the field of deep space exploration robots. Ju Hehua’s most remarkable achievement is the successful development of related motions for China’s Moon Rabbit Vehicle. Planning and other algorithms, the algorithm has been authorized to use by Yinfu Technology, and Ju Hehua himself is also the chief scientist of Yinfu Technology. Zhu Ziming said that the motion planning algorithm is very important for the robot, including how does the robot maintain balance during the movement? How to prevent yourself from tripping over?

It is worth mentioning that, unlike the fully autonomous robots built by ASMO and the famous Boston Dynamics, Yinfu Technology has also specially developed a master-slave control system for its own robots. Users only need to wear inertial motion capture equipment. Mapping human actions to robots. At the same time, the robot can learn and remember the entire set of movements so that it can use the movements autonomously later. In addition, Yinfu’s robot can be equipped with cameras and other equipment. Humans can remotely see the situation around the robot in real time through technologies such as VR, and hide in the background through the motion capture system to remotely control the robot to communicate and interact with the audience, making the robot look like a real person. like intelligence. “After all, it will take at least ten years for artificial intelligence technology to reach human level, but people can’t wait.” Zhu Ziming explained.

At present, Yinfu Technology has cooperated with an international automobile manufacturer. In the future, the manufacturer will use Yinfu robots to introduce relevant models to customers, which is not only more cool, but also solves the problem that the vehicle update is too fast, and the human clerk cannot fully understand the features of all models. the problem. At the same time, Yinfu Technology has also begun to ship in the fields of education and museum Display. More importantly, the small integrated servo motor system developed by it has been found by many people to buy. And Yinfu has now started to realize revenue.

It is reported that Yinfu Technology has a total of 21 employees, and has previously received 5 million angel round financing from individual investors.

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