Size (Length*Width*Height)

381*254*127 mm


Robotic Accessories Yaskawa


1 Piece

WEEE Category

Product Not in WEEE Scope

Part Number/Part#: JARCR-XFB04

JARCR-XFB04 control board is a specific type of control board designed for use with certain Motoman industrial

robots. This control board is part of robot’s overall control system, responsible for managing robot’s movements and


Some features of the JARCR-XFB04 control board may include:

Real-time processing of robot movements and actions.

Compatibility with various programming languages and interfaces.

Support for advanced motion control features, such as coordinated motion and trajectory planning.

Integration with other control systems, such as vision systems or external sensors.

Built-in safety features, such as emergency stop and collision detection.

JARCR-XFB04 control board may be used in various industrial applications, such as welding, painting, and material

handling. It is reliable durable, capable of withstanding harsh industrial environments and continuous use.

Yaskawa Motoman JARCR-XFB04 Control Board Video

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