Xi’an big coffee in the field of artificial intelligence

AsiaIndustrial NetNews: On the morning of April 7, in a Starbucks coffee shop in the high-tech zone, Zhu Xiujie, a post-90s entrepreneur, introduced to reporters the most about their company’s artificial intelligence and his business in Dubai. The global vision of entrepreneurship and the cutting-edge technology he has mastered make him show more composure and sophistication than entrepreneurs of the same age.

The tech madman who made money by programming in high school

“I was fascinated by the tiny organizational system that ants moved when I was five or six years old.” As soon as he came into contact with computers and saw the effect of many hardware combinations, Zhu Xiujie was quickly attracted.He was exposed to computers in his father’s office when he was very young, and at the age of 8 he was exposed to computer introductory books in the elementary school library. From the most basic how to use Windows 98 and how to install Windows 2000, he slowly began to teach himself programming, and constantly borrowed relevant books to go by himself. Try it, I started to make a website in junior high school, and I also made the first bucket of life through programming in high school.

Xi’an big coffee in the field of artificial intelligence

In 2012, Zhu Xiujie entered the School of Software, Xi’an Jiaotong University. During his studies, he found that the internet atmosphere in Xi’an was poor, and there were few people doing science and technology. In 2013, he and his alumni founded the earliest technology entrepreneurship media in Northwest China, Geekwo, which covered about 100,000 entrepreneurial people in Xi’an at that time. Although the final result was not satisfactory, Zhu Xiujie accumulated experience in entrepreneurship.

Dubai business internships on the rise

In 2015, Zhu Xiujie got an opportunity to do an internship in Dubai. After five rounds of interviews, Zhu Xiujie and 40 other lucky winners stood out from more than 6,000 competitors around the world and won the Dubai Business Internships, a management consulting trainee program fully funded by Dubai Sheikh Mohammed ) offer. He dropped out of school to leave Xi’an and started living in Dubai. During the 10 months of the project, Zhu Xiujie, with the support of mentors from McKinsey, Stello, and PricewaterhouseCoopers, participated in the technology strategy team of the Prime Minister’s Office of the United Arab Emirates, the Dubai Future Foundation, the largest technology incubator in the Middle East, DTEC, Emirates and other companies. Organized and led a management consulting project and completed a 4-month MBA program at the German Business School EMST. The contacts in the science and technology circle and rich management consulting experience accumulated during his study and life in Dubai became important advantages for Zhu Xiujie to set up a company later.

New York Formation Company Global Entrepreneurship

In April 2016, Zhu Xiujie and two partners established Machine co in New York.lony company. “Machine coTranslated into Chinese, lony means machine settlement. Our company’s main job is to put the world’s most advanced artificial intelligence algorithms into practical applications. My two partners also met through the Internet and have a deep background in artificial intelligence research and development. At present, our company has only a dozen people, headquartered in New York, and divided into 3 teams below. The sales team is based in Dubai for business promotion; the R&D team is based in Xi’an, and I am mainly responsible for it; the software writing team is based in India. Compared with traditional companies, companies like ours are much smaller, but this is in line with the current development trend of international technology companies. The global division of labor is small and refined. ” Zhu Xiujie introduced.

Machine coSoon after lony was established, it received a seed round investment from a venture capital firm in New York. The main work now is to apply the most advanced artificial intelligence algorithms in the world to the real estate industry, conduct market forecasts and analysis, and build an online platform to solve the problems of low efficiency and scattered data in the real estate industry, so as to help the real estate industry to transform . Last year, the company applied for and was successfully selected for the Dubai Future Accelerator Program in July and August.

The Dubai Future Accelerator is a technology accelerator initiated by the Dubai royal family and provided by the government with an investment of 1 billion dirhams (about 1.8 billion yuan). It connects various government departments in Dubai with the world’s top start-up companies. Provide solutions to the challenges and carry out industrial incubation. Initially, 2,274 teams from 73 countries submitted applications to the Dubai government, and only 30 companies were selected. The selected 30 companies each have a different field of study, and the program lasts for 12 weeks. In the first two weeks, Zhu Xiujie’s team has reached two commercial agreements with Dubai Holding Group and Arab Media Group, which will provide services in the field of artificial intelligence. The agreement amounted to US$1 million. And he himself is the only founder from China in the entire Dubai Future Accelerator program.

The future is based in Xi’an and looks at the world

When asked how the company will deal with competition in the future, Zhu Xiujie is very confident: “The threshold in the field of artificial intelligence is very high. Once this threshold is crossed, everyone is almost on the same starting line. Even if the ability in the future is not the world’s first, But we can guarantee that our system is the most advanced in the world at present, and although there is still a gap with high-end research centers such as Google, we can guarantee that we belong to the first echelon of technical capabilities in all artificial intelligence companies.”

As a native of Shaanxi, Zhu Xiujie chose Xi’an for his company’s R&D center. “Xi’an is my hometown, and it is also a very suitable place for scientific research. It has abundant university resources, and it is developing rapidly and has many opportunities. At present, I am building my own R&D team in Xi’an. When I was in Dubai, I had contact with Dubai. Sheikhs and other officials, they are very concerned about China’s Belt and Road strategy and the development of Xi’an, and I also hope to use my personal connections to play a role in the economic and trade cooperation between Xi’an and Dubai.”

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