XCMG Hanyun, the leader of the industrial Internet, completed the B round of financing of 300 million yuan

Recently, XCMG Hanyun Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: XCMG Hanyun) completed the B-round financing of 300 million yuan. This round of financing was led by CDB Manufacturing Transformation and Upgrading Fund, followed by Xuzhou C Sheng Jinrui Industrial Investment Fund Partnership and Jiangsu Grand Canal (Xuzhou) Cultural Tourism Development Fund. This round of financing will be mainly used for platform key technology research, HANYUN OS industrial operating system capacity building, high-end talent introduction and marketing service system optimization.

XCMG Hanyun was established in 2014 and was incubated by XCMG Group, one of the world’s top 500 brands and a leader in international construction machinery. Based on the accumulation of nearly 80 years of advanced manufacturing experience and more than 30 years of digital service experience, XCMG Hanyun opens the HANYUN OS industrial operating system to global users, deeply cultivates the industry and builds 20 industry chain value chain platforms, and continues to serve the industry and enterprises. Ability, intelligence, and value.

Domestic and international two-wheel drive, “circle fans” around the world with strength

Since its establishment in 2014, XCMG Hanyun has grown from a pile of soil and has gradually become a nine-story platform. In the “2022 Cross-industry and Cross-field Industrial internet Platform List” released by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, XCMG Hanyun ranked third, achieving a jump in the national list for four consecutive years, and its industry status has been further consolidated, which fully demonstrates that Hanyun The capability and value of the industrial Internet platform have not only passed the market verification, but also been recognized by the country.

The double-span platform reflects the needs of my country’s industrial transformation for platform system construction, and represents the highest level of domestic industrial Internet platforms. Up to now, the Hanyun Industrial Internet platform has realized multiple inspections of multiple application scenarios and multiple test environments, and has successively empowered more than 80 industries such as equipment manufacturing, construction, non-ferrous metals, construction machinery, new energy, and education. It has achieved industry leapfrogging and helped customers realize value leapfrogging.

While leading the domestic market, XCMG Hanyun has always maintained a leading edge in the trend of China’s industrial Internet transitioning to the global market. For a long time, XCMG Hanyun has been speeding up to compete with international peers, and has frequently received praise from international authoritative organizations for its outstanding performance, demonstrating its leading position in the field of industrial Internet.

In terms of technical strength, in December 2022, the “Oscars in the Technology Industry” Gartner “Magic Quadrant for Global Industrial IoT Platforms” (Magic Quadrant for Global Industrial Internet of Things Platforms) was released, and XCMG Hanyun was selected for the first time. The gold content of the Magic Quadrant is obvious to all, and its authority also means that the evaluation of key capabilities of Hanyun Industrial Internet Platform has reached the international leading level. Gartner’s evaluation of XCMG Hanyun’s internationalization performance was highly affirmed. In the past year, XCMG Hanyun has made use of the global equipment ecosystem and key partners to focus on global expansion, and has made remarkable progress in its business in Greater China, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America .

XCMG Hanyun, the leader of the industrial Internet, completed the B round of financing of 300 million yuan

At the same time, the brand influence of XCMG Hanyun has also steadily increased. In 2022, based on its excellent brand image and reputation, XCMG Hanyun was successfully selected into the “China’s 500 Most Valuable Brands List” released by the World Brand Lab with a brand value of 12.018 billion yuan, leading China’s industrial Internet brands , to play a strong brand leading role.

Bravely break into the “no man’s land” of innovation and build a digital engine for a manufacturing power

In 2016, XCMG Hanyun released the first self-developed industrial Internet platform in China – Hanyun Industrial Internet Platform, bravely entering the “no man’s land” of innovation and achieving breakthroughs.

As my country’s first self-developed industrial Internet platform, Hanyun Industrial Internet Platform provides ubiquitous connection of industrial resources, industrial data integration analysis, industrial Application development innovation provides a development and operation environment with high security, strong scalability, and flexible deployment.

Zhang Qiliang, founder and CEO of XCMG Hanyun, said: “The core of the Hanyun Industrial Internet Platform is to build the core base of digital transformation through the Hanyun Industrial Operating System, which focuses on new applications, new development, new configurations, and new assets. , new analysis, new data, and new security seven sections, build new industry-level applications, create a new product development governance model, quickly build new applications in the form of configuration building blocks, reconstruct data assets, and form a unique HANYUN OS industrial operating system .”

With the Internet of Things platform and big data platform of the HANYUN OS industrial operating system as the carrier, XCMG Hanyun combines artificial intelligence, deep learning and other multi-dimensional analysis technologies to collect and analyze data in R&D, production, manufacturing, supply chain, aftermarket and other links , and deeply explore the value of data, and launch a batch of low-threshold, lightweight, high-availability SaaS products to help enterprises transform and upgrade.

In terms of core technology research, XCMG Hanyun aims at key problems, successively overcomes ten core technologies such as low-code platform development technology, edge computing technology based on embedded software development, and industrial application deployment container technology, and continues to strengthen 5G,AIDigital Twins, Metaverse and other new technologies are deeply integrated with industrial scenarios to create a new model of “point-line-surface-system” three-dimensional digital economy empowerment industry, effectively solve the pain points and difficulties in the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry, and serve global users Digital capacity building provides technical support.

In the field of construction machinery, XCMG Hanyun and China Unicom have built the first domestic private network based on 5G SA network architecture + MEC end-to-end, realizing full network connection, perception full connection, edge cloud full connection, and industrial chain full connection, creating More than 30 application scenarios, such as industrial AR collaborative design and development, digital twin workshop, industrial AR-assisted assembly, AGV cluster, and interactive remote control of Robotic arms, realize flexible and automated production and become a benchmark for digital smart factories.

In the field of smart mines, XCMG Hanyun has built an unmanned intelligent management system for Vale Brazil, helping Vale Brazil realize remote control and construction management of large engineering equipment such as excavators and wide-body vehicles, and unmanned operations, improving complex engineering. Improve the efficiency of delivery and avoid the casualties caused by the break of the mine embankment.

In terms of water ecological construction, XCMG Hanyun aims to “fewer people on duty, smart on duty”, build a unified dispatching platform for intelligent water conservancy drainage and irrigation for Danzao Town, Nanhai District, Foshan, and comprehensively improve the automation and refined management level of electric drainage station facilities. Continuously promote the transformation of traditional water conservancy to smart water conservancy.

In the field of agriculture, XCMG Hanyun launched the 5G + active identification + AI white tea full life cycle identification traceability system in the industry, creating a full life cycle traceability system for China’s white tea city, for tea tree planting, tea picking, raw material storage, tea cake quality inspection, The whole process of finished product warehousing, distribution management, etc. is marked and transformed, setting an example for the local government and regional economy of “one production leads three productions, and three productions promote one production”.

The national team fund led the investment and continued to lead the industrial Internet track

The National Manufacturing Transformation and Upgrading Fund was established by the National Manufacturing Transformation and Upgrading Fund Co., Ltd., and the industrial Internet is one of its important investment sectors. Leading the investment in XCMG Hanyun this time, it set a record for the highest single investment amount of the CDB Manufacturing Transformation and Upgrading Fund in the field of industrial Internet.

For this financing, Zhang Qiliang, founder and CEO of XCMG Hanyun, said: “As a leader in the industrial Internet field, the B round of financing will improve the level of corporate governance in three aspects. First, the key technology of the platform will be tackled, focusing on the capabilities of the HANYUN OS industrial operating system Second, the application scenario is the king, insight into the needs of the user in the scenario, practically solve the pain points and difficult problems of the application scenario, and promote the real digital transformation of the industry; the third is to vigorously optimize the marketing service system, focus on customer needs, and comprehensively improve customer touch Reshape the new connotation of product services from the aspects of service system, service ability, service quality, etc., to help customers succeed.”

Zhang Shouzhong, chairman and general manager of Guosheng Furui (Xuzhou C Sheng Jinrui Industrial Investment Fund Partnership Fund Manager), said: “Guosheng Furui, as the market-oriented investment platform of Xuzhou Guosheng Group, has always insisted on helping the growth of local high-quality enterprises. The key layout has A hard technology enterprise with independent intellectual property rights. XCMG Hanyun’s core technology and products are completely independently developed, safe and controllable, and Guosheng Furui is very optimistic about the broad prospects of XCMG Hanyun under the background of rapid development of digital transformation.”

Kong Xueli, general manager of Xuzhou Industrial Development Fund, said: “As a market-oriented local government guidance fund, Xuzhou Industrial Development Fund has been committed to cultivating Xuzhou’s ‘343’ innovative industrial clusters, and regards the digital economy as an important investment layout area. In the future, Xuzhou Industrial Development Fund and XCMG Hanyun will conduct comprehensive and in-depth cooperation in strategic synergy, business synergy, and work synergy to create a highland for the development of the regional digital economy industry.”

Affected by many factors such as the changing international political and economic situation and repeated epidemics, investment institutions in the primary market generally take a cautious and wait-and-see attitude, and the industrial Internet investment market has entered a cooling-off period. Against the backdrop of a cold capital winter and facing numerous uncertainties in the internal and external environment, XCMG Hanyun successfully obtained a large amount of financing led by the National Team Fund, which fully demonstrates the institution’s recognition of its market competitiveness and technical strength, and also contributes to the industry Development injects new “heart booster”.

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