Worried about not knowing what to give to the girl?L’Oreal got a robot to help you

AsiaIndustrial NetNews: A few days ago, L’Oreal launched a smart device called “BeautyGifter”robot, you can choose suitable beauty and skin care products for users through inquiries to the gift-giver and the gift-receiver. The smart robot, which L’Oréal developed in conjunction with a Montreal-based startup called Automat Technologies, began trial runs over the weekend.

The BeautyGifter intelligent robot is part of L’Oréal’s upcoming “Conversational Experiences” series, designed to prepare for the creation of vending technology in the future.

Automat CEO Andy Mauro said in a phone interview: “In the future, we plan to host an in-store QR code use event to encourage customers to have an automated sales conversation experience.”

MessengerPlatform 2.0 debuted at Facebook’s developer conference F8 last month, and the Messenger camera implements the ability to scan QR codes. And Messenger’s new capabilities mean that scanning QR codes can do more than just connect with bots or profiles.

How does BeautyGifter work?

The BeautyGifter intelligent robot will first ask the gift giver, which includes the price budget of the gift giver and the age range of the recipient.

Next, BeautyGifter sends the recipient an electronic card that says “I want to buy you a gift.”

Then, BeautyGifter will start asking the recipient a series of questions. Such as skin tone, skin type, what color combination you like, and what skin problems you want to solve.

After the question is over, BeautyGifter presents the giver with a list of eligible gift options.

Some people may worry that such a fanciful inquiry will spoil the surprise of receiving the gift? In fact, there is no need to worry about this. L’Oreal has dozens of brands, ranging from TheBodyShop to GiorgioArmani. The right recommendation will save the giver a lot of trouble and make the recipient more satisfied with the gift.

Optimized for MessengerPlatform 2.0

Just last week at the Facebook Developers Conference, Messenger VP David Marcus mentioned in a related keynote the examples of L’Oreal and Automat creating bots on the Messenger platform. And called Automat one of the few companies that played a vital role in the early Messenger bot ecosystem.

In addition, two other intelligent Robots were mentioned at the Facebook developer conference. One is a fashion recommendation robot, while the other is a Sephora makeup time appointment scheduling robot. At the same time, the two robots will also provide users with fashion information and beauty tips.

In addition to the cosmetics industry, Amazon, the leader in e-commerce, is also eager to move closer to the fashion field. Last week, Amazon launched EchoLook, which combines Alexa and computer vision to help shoppers choose clothing.

Marcus believes that this kind of conversational marketing will bring consumers a more pleasant shopping experience, and the direct dialogue between the brand and the customer is very helpful for rebuilding the relationship between the brand and the customer.

Based in Canada

Another major recent move by L’Oreal is the establishment of a new “artificial intelligence center” in Montreal. And Montreal was chosen because of its good AI vibe. It is reported that companies such as Microsoft and Google have also begun to invest in the construction of new artificial intelligence centers in Montreal in recent months.

Marcus said: “BeautyGifter will only be available in Canada initially. L’Oreal has plans to expand it to other markets such as the UK in 2018.”

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