With the “eight advantages”, Huizhou Zhongkai builds an intelligent manufacturing industry cluster

Since the topic of intelligent manufacturing was put forward, it has gone through multiple stages such as technological innovation and integration, Industrial restructuring and layout, and enterprise transformation and promotion. We all know that for intelligent manufacturing, traditional manufacturing technology and intelligent technology are organically combined. Current intelligent manufacturing enterprises often lack independent innovation capabilities. In the era of big data, how to use big data technology The integration of intelligent manufacturing to promote the development and transformation of the intelligent manufacturing industry has become the focus of attention of the majority of enterprises and users.

The integration of intelligent technology, digital technology and network technology is applied to the entire perception, analysis, control, manufacturing, dynamic response and other stages of the product, which plays an important role in the optimization and control of the entire chain and process of product development. important role.

Development Status of Global Smart Manufacturing Industry

The intelligent manufacturing industry chain covers intelligent equipment (robotCNC machine tools,service robotother automation equipment), Industrial internet (machine vision,sensorRFID, Industrial Ethernet), industrial software (ERP/MES/DCS, etc.),3D printingAnd automation system integration and production line integration that organically combine the above links.

From a global perspective, in addition to the United States, Germany and Japan, all other countries are actively developing smart manufacturing.

Intelligent manufacturing equipment is the main embodiment of intelligent manufacturing, and intelligent manufacturing equipment involvesIndustrial Robot3D printing equipment, CNC machine tools, intelligent control systems, sensors and other major industries, the industrial scale has achieved rapid growth.

1. The development of smart manufacturing in the UK

As early as January 2017, the British government officially launched the “Industrial Strategy White Paper – Building a UK Fit for the Future” with “industrial digitalization” as the core. In order to ensure the implementation, the British Manufacturing Technology Center was commissioned by the British government to release the report “Making Manufacturing Smarter – 2017 Review”, which analyzed the opportunities and challenges faced by the British industry, from accelerating the innovative application of industrial digital technology, strengthening talent education and training, Strengthening organizational leadership and removing barriers to technological application put forward the path and policy suggestions for the UK to promote industrial digitalization.

2. The development of intelligent manufacturing in Germany

Germany has long adhered to the concept of a manufacturing powerhouse, regards the manufacturing industry as the pillar of national revitalization, and establishes the “Made in Germany” brand on a global scale.

Germany releases “Securing the Future of German Manufacturing: On ImplementationIndustry 4.0“Strategic Suggestions”, put forward the “Industry 4.0” strategy, the core content is the development of intelligent manufacturing based on cyber-physical systems. Build a system framework for IoT, Internet and service-based intelligent connections.

3. The development of intelligent manufacturing in the United States

The U.S. federal government, industry organizations and enterprise alliances have joined forces to promote the development of intelligent manufacturing, and have formed a “trinity” system to promote the development of intelligent manufacturing.

Manufacturing USA develops trap manufacturing, realizes the intelligence of manufacturing, and maintains the high-end position and global controller status in the US manufacturing value chain. Translate basic research and innovation in ICT and manufacturing into outcomes.

4. The development of intelligent manufacturing in China

In recent years, the state has continuously issued laws, regulations and policies to support the healthy and sound development of the high-end equipment manufacturing industry. As a key field of high-end equipment, intelligent equipment manufacturing has been encouraged and supported by national policies.

In September 2018, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the National Standard Management Committee issued the “Guidelines for the Construction of National Intelligent Manufacturing Standard System (2018 Edition)”. The “Guide” pointed out that by the end of 2018, more than 150 intelligent manufacturing standards have been formulated and revised, basically covering basic common standards and Key technical standards; by 2019, more than 300 intelligent manufacturing standards will be formulated and revised, covering basic common standards and key technical standards, and gradually establishing a relatively complete intelligent manufacturing standard system. Build an intelligent manufacturing standard test and verification platform, improve public service capabilities, and improve the level of standard application and internationalization.

Among them, China’s intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration projects have been announced since 2015, and four batches have been announced, with a total of 307 projects; intelligent manufacturing comprehensive standardization projects; since 2016, three batches have been announced again, with a total of 509 projects. The two pilot projects have a total of 816 projects.

In order to develop the intelligent manufacturing industry, a large number of industrial parks have been born in the intelligent manufacturing chain, and a large number of intelligent manufacturing industry chain enterprises have been bred. In order to have both the breadth and scientific nature of the samples, the “World Intelligent Manufacturing Center Development Trend Report (2019)” covers all industrial parks with the name “smart manufacturing” in the selection of park samples, and a total of 537 park samples were obtained.

With “Eight Advantages”, Huizhou Zhongkai High-tech Zone builds an intelligent manufacturing industry highland

Since the release of the “Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Development Planning Outline”, Huizhou has deepened reform and innovation in response to the Outline, enhanced the city’s comprehensive strength, and formed an important node city with distinctive features, complementary functions and competitiveness. Huizhou Zhongkai made it clear that the primary task is to focus on building a “2+1” industrial system of new petrochemical energy materials, electronic information, and life and health industries, and to pay close attention to new electronic information industries, intelligent terminals, new energy, high-end intelligent equipment industries, and biomedicine. It will promote the formation of an innovative intelligent industrial ecological chain led by the intelligent manufacturing industry in Zhongkai District, and create two trillion-level electronic information and trillion-level petrochemical industrial clusters. For example, the petrochemical industry is mainly concentrated in Daya Bay Development Zone, while the electronic information industry is mainly concentrated in Zhongkai High-tech Zone, accounting for about one-third of the city’s electronic information industry. Huizhou is also an important gathering area for LCD TVs, smart phones and automotive electronics in the world, with obvious characteristics of export-oriented economy.

Different from most industrial parks, Huizhou Zhongkai High-tech Zone also has eight advantages:

High-end platform]One of the first national high-tech industrial development zones in the country, with 12 companies listed on the stock exchanges in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Shanghai and other places, nearly 400 high-tech enterprises, and more than 10 national brand names.

forward-looking system]Develop a “2+1+X” modern industrial system led by the two major industries of intelligent terminal and new Display, supported by modern service industry, and oriented by Beidou, new energy, semiconductor, artificial intelligence and other industries, and build Huizhou million The core engine of the billion-level electronic information industry cluster is striving to create a first-class high-tech zone in China.

High energy layout】Building industrial space with the space development of “One Heart, One Belt, One Ring and Multiple Groups”, integrating China-Korea (Huizhou) Industrial Park, Dongjiang Science and Technology Park, Military-Civilian Integration Industrial Park and 357 Innovation Industrial Belt, the area that can be recruited for commercial use in the near future is 2.4 square kilometers. In addition, it has 1.5 million+ square meters of rentable accelerator workshops, and qualified high-quality projects can enjoy rent and decoration subsidies.

Innovation driven]Special projects for the development of science and technology, industry and talents have been established, with an investment of more than 500 million yuan per year, and R&D expenditures account for 4.9% of GDP. Through the global layout, companies and talents are recruited and a full-chain incubation ecosystem is formed to form a full-scale incubation chain such as makerspaces, incubators, accelerators, off-site incubators, and overseas incubators.

Faucet settled]Over the past 20 years, it has attracted more than 5,000 companies from more than 10 countries and regions around the world to settle down. Owns well-known domestic enterprises such as TCL, Huayang, Desai, Huaxing Optoelectronics, Spreadtrum Communications, Truly, Longcheer, Yiwei Lithium Energy; Samsung, LG, Sony, Cree, Asahi Glass, Bridgestone, Coca-Cola and other well-known overseas enterprises , it has become a gathering area and blessed place for listed companies, large companies and high-quality companies.

Dimensional traffic]A comprehensive and three-dimensional comprehensive transportation system integrating aviation, rail, expressway and water and land transportation has been formed, and a fast and convenient transportation network has been formed.

Quality service]Through the standard land transfer, the same-day settlement of “according to the household tax” and the zero-condition pre-examination, etc., the innovative project approval method achieves “Zhongkai speed”. And at least once a month to solve the difficulties of enterprises “through train” activities, face-to-face research and solutions to enterprise problems.

Mature Package】The business district is fully equipped to meet the needs of office, travel, shopping, etc., and frommedicaleducation, culture and other aspects to create a new area for public construction, co-governance and sharing.

At present, the added value of Zhongkai’s advanced manufacturing and high-tech industries has reached 71% and 76.5% respectively. A number of intelligent manufacturing industry clusters with complete industrial chain, high industrial level and great brand influence are rising in Zhongkai.

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