With a scale of tens of billions and hundreds of billions, the market opportunities for these robot segments are amazing!

In recent years, with the maturity of technology,robotThe application field of the robot continues to expand, and various Robots begin to appear in social life scenes, bringing convenience and also containing huge business opportunities.

Today, Veken Robot will analyze the application of robots in several market segments, including cooking robots, swimming pool cleaning robots, parking robots, charging robots, lawn mowing robots, etc. These robots, which are usually not very eye-catching, also contain Big market.

cooking robot

Robots can do a variety of things, and they are also very skilled in cooking. If you pay attention, many restaurants are now trying to use robots to cook.

A Yami digital health restaurant in Beijing has to serve more than 100 meals at noon. To maintain this amount of meals, at least one or two chefs and meal attendants must be equipped in the back kitchen, so the restaurant owner uses a cooking robot Come to OEM, only 3 clerks and 2 part-time workers are left in the store. “Simple quick dishes can be cooked in 1.5 minutes, and the longest time-consuming chicken curry only takes 5 minutes. Up to 20 servings can be prepared at a time”, The restaurant owner said that the original intention of using cooking robots was to make healthy meals, but later found that using robots can save a lot of wages.

How much money can Robotic cooking save? The owner of the restaurant did some calculations, “It costs about 50,000 yuan to buy a cooking robot, but if you hire a chef, the cost per person will be nearly 100,000 yuan a year, and the current production capacity of this robot is still far away. No saturation.”

A young man born in the 90s in Shenzhen is even more radical. He directly opened a 24-hour restaurant, using two kinds of cooking robots to make meals. The first is an intelligent cooking robot, which has nine stoves and can serve nine dishes at a time. At the best time, it achieved a weekly income of 100,000 yuan. It is still operating stably, and the future is very promising.

In fact, the technology of using robots to make various dishes is quite mature now. For example, at last year’s Winter Olympics, in addition to exciting sports competitions, a smart restaurant became a check-in place. It is understood that this smart restaurant The “chefs” in the restaurant are all robots with various styles. They can cook Chinese food, Western food, and even some rare dishes. They can even make coffee, mix wine, make desserts, etc.

pool cleaning robot

With the development of automation technology, the original “manual + machine” mode can be replaced by fully automatic machines. Compared with manual, fully automatic machines have higher cleaning quality and efficiency, and in the long run, the cleaning cost is lower.

The swimming pool is a scene that needs to be cleaned frequently. The outdoor swimming pool will be polluted by leaves, sediment, etc. The indoor swimming pool also needs to be cleaned by changing the water, otherwise it is easy to breed bacteria and affect people’s health. The swimming pool cleaning robot can greatly save the manual cleaning of the swimming pool. Time and energy, the application market is vast.

The data shows that in 2021, the market size of swimming pool cleaning robots will reach US$1.612 billion, with a growth rate of over 20%. The compound annual growth rate from 2017 to 2021 will also exceed 16.24%. It is expected that the market size will reach US$2.286 billion by 2023 .

From the perspective of market distribution, due to the large number of private pools, North America has become the largest market, and the labor costs in the United States remain high. Hiring labor is far less cost-effective than using robots. Therefore, the penetration rate of swimming pool cleaning robots is rising rapidly.

In China, under the call of national fitness in recent years, commercial swimming pools are also growing rapidly. High-load operations have created a lot of demand for high-frequency cleaning. The domestic market is also developing and growing. At present, there are still few domestic players entering the swimming pool cleaning robot track. , the market competition is not fierce, and there is a lot to do in the future.

parking robot

According to data from the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, the number of automobiles in China has increased from 56.97 million in 2007 to 417 million in 2022. Such a large number has caused the frequent occurrence of “difficult parking” problems, including the absolute shortage of parking spaces. There are also factors such as unreasonable design of parking lots and parking spaces, and low efficiency of entering and exiting parking garages caused by unfamiliar drivers.

In order to alleviate the parking pressure, various types of mechanical, automated, and intelligent parking garages have emerged. For example, an intelligent parking garage in Guangzhou. The owner gets out of the car and locks the car, comes to the operation screen of the smart parking equipment terminal next to him, clicks the “Park” button, confirms that the car has completely ceased fire, then enters the mobile phone number, obtains the parking password, and clicks the “Confirm Parking” button, and then the railing slows down. Put it down slowly, the parking operation is completed, and the owner can leave. This process only takes a minute or two.

When the car owner picks up the car, he only needs to enter the parking password on the smart parking equipment terminal at the transfer exit, and the robot will transport the vehicle to the transfer exit. There is no need to enter the parking lot to find the car in the whole process.

CIMC IoT, a subsidiary of CIMC Group, will build the world’s largest robot parking lot in Lianyungang. It is planned to have 5 floors, and all 5,200 parking spaces will be automatically parked by AGV robots. The project uses space creatively. Compared with traditional ground storage yards, the total The number of parking spaces has increased by 9 times. The full load operation of 48 AGVs can reach 368 vehicles per hour, and the annual turnover capacity can reach 180,000 vehicles. When busy, the AGVs can be dispatched across floors and work together to achieve the highest overall efficiency. Single storage and single retrieval The car can realize 228 trips per hour.

There are many advantages of using robot parking, one is more flexible, can carry out personalized scheduling according to the parking space demand and vehicle distribution, further optimize the parking layout, and can also carry out real-time monitoring and management through the cloud intelligent system; second, it can improve the utilization rate of parking spaces , which can be increased by 40% compared with traditional manual parking; thirdly, it can also improve stability and accuracy. The parking robot can accurately match the vehicle according to the size, shape, weight and other information, thereby realizing efficient automatic parking.

charging robot

In recent years, under the dual effects of policy and market, the number of new energy vehicles in China has also continued to grow explosively. According to data, in 2022, China’s new energy vehicle production and sales will complete 7.058 million and 6.887 million, respectively, a year-on-year increase of 96.9% and 93.4%. By the end of 2022, the number of new energy vehicles in the country has reached 13.1 million.

The explosive growth of new energy vehicles has made charging a headache for many car owners. Although the number of charging piles is increasing rapidly, problems such as long waiting times still exist, and market operations are not standardized, facilities are not well maintained, and safety issues are not serious. Issues such as security are also increasingly prominent, and the use of intelligent mobile charging robots can effectively solve these issues.

At present, the charging robots developed by some enterprises have functions and services such as one-click ordering, automatic car search, precise parking, automatic gun charging, automatic driving away, automatic return to position, waterproof and shockproof, etc., as long as one-click ordering on the phone , the “charger” will automatically find it, avoiding the problem of difficult queuing for charging.

And the charging robot can be matched with the smart parking garage, which not only solves the car owner’s difficulty in parking, but also eliminates the problem of charging, and at the same time greatly improves the resource utilization efficiency of parking and charging.

lawn mowing robot

In European and American families, lawns and courtyards play a very important role, and even a “lawn culture” has emerged. A beautiful courtyard and a well-manicured lawn are a symbol of status in the local area and a life pursued by residents.

Therefore, paying attention to lawn maintenance and care has become an indispensable part of the daily life of Europeans and Americans. Some families even mow the lawn 2-3 times a month, but it is not necessary to gain social status through a beautiful lawn. An easy thing to do is to treat the lawn, which is not only time-consuming and labor-intensive, but also relatively expensive. Some families even spend thousands of dollars on the lawn every year.

According to statistics, there are a total of 250 million private lawns and gardens in the world, and lawn care is needed for 8 months in a year, thus creating a huge market. In 2022, the global market for lawn care tools and services will reach 60 billion Dollar.

According to data from Grand View Research, the global lawn mower market will reach US$30.4 billion in 2021, with annual global shipments reaching 25 million units and growing at a compound annual growth rate of 5.7%. The future market size will exceed US$100 billion , and the penetration rate of mowing robots is only about 1%, so the market space is huge.

Traditional lawn mowers are not only cumbersome and risky to operate, but also cost a lot of labor and equipment. In contrast, an intelligent lawn mowing robot that sells for three to four thousand dollars not only greatly improves the performance, but also saves users money. Time and labor costs, more cost-effective.

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