Where to extend the space from?Yinfei storage “intensive storage” gives the answer

At present, the social resources are limited, and the land use and employment of enterprises have long been a problem.How to extend more utilization space or store more goods in limited storage space has become one of the important ways for enterprises to reduce costs and increase efficiency. The answer given by Yinfei Storage is to create a higher density and smarter warehousing and logistics system driven by technological innovation, that is, an intelligent dense warehousing system. In a sense, the size of the space has not changed but the storage space has been extended.

At the 2021 (Second) High-tech Mobile Robot Annual Conference,Gu Tao, Director of Yinfei Storage Engineering Technology Center, gave a speech entitled “Application and Development of Intensive Storage”expounded the development and evolution of intelligent logistics from multiple dimensions such as warehousing type, market demand, technological innovation, etc., shared the application research of Yinfei storage in intensive warehousing-related industry scenarios, and the innovative exploration on the future development path of intensive warehousing.

Where to extend the space from?Yinfei storage “intensive storage” gives the answer

Scenario application – extend warehouse space and improve efficiency

The natural application scenarios of current intensive warehousing are roughly divided into several categorieswhich are production-oriented enterprises, third-party logistics, special function storage warehouses, high-speed picking and storage functions of box-type warehouses, low warehouses or warehouses used in high partitions, small column spacing or other special-shaped warehouses, and project efficiency and storage. Storage warehouses with uncertain demand and needs to be adjusted according to business development.

Especially atIn the scenario application of production-oriented enterprises and third-party logistics, the advantages of intensive warehousing can be better demonstrated.potential. In these application scenarios, the production method of goods and the way of goods in and out show the characteristics of less variety, high frequency, and large batches, and the dense storage system, with its higher density, smarter, and more efficient inbound and outbound mode, can effectively improve the Space storage utilization and operational efficiency.

Where to extend the space from?Yinfei storage “intensive storage” gives the answer

Gu Tao emphasized: “Storing more goods in a limited space or per unit area, and realizing efficient warehousing, storage, picking, and delivery through intelligent equipment, means extending the utilization space of warehousing, and improving operation efficiency. It must bring about cost reduction and efficiency increase“.

Through years of research in the field of intensive storage, Yinfei Storage has “hard work” in realizing intensive storage.

Take Yinfei tray shuttle system as an exampleThe system is usually composed of shuttle car, hoist, conveyor or AGV, dense storage rack and WMS, WCS system, which can realize 24-hour fully automated batch pallet operation, which is suitable for low-flow, high-density storage, as well as high-flow, Low-density storage; the system has high flexibility and scalability, and the efficiency is doubled, and the storage space utilization rate is as high as 95%.

Talking about more specific solutions, Gu Tao analyzed: “The box-type four-way shuttle system is only one of the solutions to achieve intensive storage. In specific cases, we will comprehensively consider customer needs, industry characteristics, warehouse conditions, products. Features and other factors, tailor-made intensive storage system solutions for customers.”

Since its establishment in 1997, Yinfei Storage has always adhered to the spirit of ingenuity and continued to innovate and develop. Up to now, the company has 4 smart factories and production bases, and its product system covers smart logistics Robots, smart software, high-precision shelves and one-stop smart warehousing Logistics Services.

Project case – full coverage of multiple industries

The final landing of the product depends on the implementation of the project, and the implementation of the specific project represents the technical strength of the enterprise. So far, Yinfei Storage has completed more than 10,000 projects.and has long maintained good cooperative relations with a large number of well-known enterprises such as Jingdong, Suning, Huawei, Tesla, FAW, etc., and has rich experience in project services.

Gu Tao showed the technical strength of Yinfei storage with two examples.

The first example is a well-known small household appliance projectThe project adopts a pallet-type shuttle system. The plan plans to have 4 layers of shelves with a total of 21,104 cargo spaces. It is equipped with 20 pallet-type two-way shuttle vehicles and 3 sets of charging cabinets, which can realize the goods from warehousing, storage, to distribution, and Multiple functions such as logistics traceability and real-time monitoring and management of the whole process are adopted. At the same time, a flexible scheme design is adopted to meet the upgrading and transformation needs of automatic intensive warehouses in the later stage.

the firstTwo examples are a well-known automotive project, The project covers an area of ​​about 2,000 square meters. The height of the built-in automated intensive storage warehouse is nearly 10 meters. There are nearly 20,000 cargo spaces. The turnover box can be divided into two compartments, three compartments and four compartments. Currently, 70,000 compartments have been stored. Multiple SKUs. This project is equipped with 15 box-type four-way shuttle cars, 3 box-type elevators, 1 set of rack end conveyor line and box-type warehouse front conveyor module, and 3 sets of goods-to-person picking tables. The system configures the WMS software to connect with the enterprise’s ERP system, configures the WCS software, and is responsible for the decomposition, distribution and equipment scheduling management of job tasks.”

Upgrading and iterating – Yinfei storage has in kung fu

Talking about the many landing plans of Yinfei storage, Gu Tao analyzed: “Only innovation can go far.Technological innovation is not only the fundamental driving force for the development of many enterprises, Yinfei storage has gone through the stage of ordinary shelves, complex shelves and high-level shelves, shelves + robot automation system stage, and then to today’s intelligent storage system stage, Yinfei always puts technological innovation first, combining customer demands and industry scene applications Research has continuously polished the product and iteratively upgraded to achieve today’s results. “

Take the iteration of Yinfei storage intelligent logistics robot products as an example, Yinfei Storage took the lead in adopting lightweight design, applying new materials, saving energy and reducing consumption, and also in line with the strategic direction of the national dual-carbon goal; followed by modular design, which is convenient for equipment maintenance and system iterative upgrades. In terms of sensing technology and control technology, the third-generation control system independently developed by Yinfei has achieved remarkable results, enabling the intelligent logistics robot to obtain more external information in real time during the operation process, fully perceive the surrounding state changes, and make accurate Judgment and precise movements.

In the upgrade iteration of the dense warehousing systemYinfei Storage strengthens the globalization capability of the storage system through multi-vehicle collaboration and the application of intelligent algorithms, making scheduling more accurate.

also,TieThe application of traditional planning concepts and simulation technology can move the implementation results of the project forward to the greatest extent.. Accurate control of the results is achieved through digital means. The application of 5G technology can realize cloud servers and cloud management, and finally realize the construction of a smart storage system as easy as the use of smart homes.

Gu Tao finally said: “From drive-in shelves to mobile shelves, shuttle boards, to four-way vehicles, intensive warehousing has been progressing, and the industry is also developing and progressing. At present, intensive warehousing, through technological innovation, equipment innovation, and system innovation, It is still a long way to go to ask for space from limited storage space and time from limited time, that is, to improve storage utilization and efficiency.”

In the wave of industry development, Yinfei Storage is willing to work with its peers to communicate with each other and deepen cooperation. At the same time, it will continue to give full play to its own advantages, focus on the innovation and research and development of intelligent storage equipment, bring more value to the industry and customers, and promote the health of the intelligent logistics industry. Development, to achieve the scene of a hundred flowers blooming and a hundred schools of thought contending to make efforts.

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