When a domestic large aircraft encounters a self-developed robot

On May 28, China-made large passenger plane C919 carried out China Eastern Airlines flight MU9191, took off from Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport, and landed safely at Beijing Capital International Airport. Nearly 130 passengers experienced the maiden flight of this domestically-made large aircraft. Aircraft C919 successfully completed its first commercial flight.

An aircraft will go through a very difficult process from research and development to commercial use. At present, there are not many countries in the world that can independently produce commercial large aircraft. Behind the guarantee of safe delivery of aircraft, a group ofrobotThey are also silently contributing their strength.

In the assembly plant of the domestically produced large aircraft C919 of Shanghai Aircraft Manufacturing Co., Ltd., a group of “inspection Robots” shuttle constantly, undertaking automated and intelligent tooling inspection work. According to the R&D team, this robot is an aircraft manufacturing plant. Developed for tooling inventory, it can carry out automatic inspection, accurate inventory, and mark abnormalities according to the instructions issued by the tooling control system, thus realizing the automation of tooling in large aircraft manufacturing plants,Digitizingmanagement, greatly improving management efficiency.

Jinling Intelligent Manufacturing Research Institute of the Fourth Academy of China Aerospace Science and Industry is the unit that undertakes the research and development of this robot. The registered capital of the manufacturing research institute is 100 million yuan. It has three research and development centers for intelligent enterprise comprehensive solutions, intelligent control technology, and high-end hydraulic technology. There are more than 50 people in total, and more than 90% of them have a master’s degree or above. They have a wealth of robot research and development. experience.

In March 2021, Jinling Intelligent Manufacturing Research Institute officially launched the intelligent unmanned inspection robot project. The project is a new exploration, with little experience to learn from, and many uncertainties, some of which have never been encountered before. question. However, the research team is not afraid of difficulties, and has faced them time and time again, accumulating experience from repeated experimental failures. The impromptu seminars often last for several hours, but the research and development team does not talk about hard work, just for Make the best plan that can serve domestic large aircraft.

After unremitting efforts, finally in the second half of 2022, the intelligent unmanned inspection robot developed by the team successfully completed the acceptance and delivery, and officially “started to perform duties” in the C919 assembly plant. Robots replaced the original manual tooling inventory, upgrading the on-site tooling management to an efficient tooling management method of automatic inspection and digital management, which has been highly recognized.

Today, this group of inspection robots has been on the job for a year, and they will do their best to escort the production of large domestic aircraft!

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