What are the applications of the RISC-V that is going to the sky?Yue P and its partners show off the case

Recently, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) announced the creation of the next generation of high-performance aerospace computing chips based on the RISC-V architecture. In fact, before going to the sky, RISC-V, based on its advantages of low power consumption, low cost, flexibility and scalability, safety and reliability, has already landed in many fields. Not long ago, Yue P Technology, an active co-builder of the RISC-V ecosystem and a leader in high-end Industrial IoT chip solutions, released the industry’s first RISC-V SoC chip NB2 for high-end industrial applications, and launched a number of The application cases based on NB2 cover many fields such as smart logistics, smart city, and data security, and have attracted widespread attention. On the basis of solving the independent and controllable problems of China’s high-end industrial applications, this series of solutions is fully in line with the national development trend of dual carbon and new infrastructure. So how does NB2 apply in it and help solve the relevant “industry crux”? At this press conference, many partners of Yue P Technology made explanations and discussions.

For example, smart logistics is no longer equivalent to the “express delivery industry” in the traditional impression, but one of the key “infrastructure” related to national security. With the objective needs of industrial upgrading, the current logistics industry has entered the crossroads of major changes, and intelligent operation has become its next outlet. To achieve digital operations and generate intelligent decisions, computing is required. “Especially for edge computing, only by completing intelligent decision-making at the edge can we better meet the needs of logistics scenarios.” Wang Jin, founder of Chain N Technology, an industry leader in intelligent operations in the new logistics industry, explained.[解释道。

What are the applications of the RISC-V that is going to the sky?Yue P and its partners show off the case

Figure 1. Wang Jin, the founder of Chain N Technology[introduced the smart logistics solution and the application of NB2 in it][介绍智慧物流解决方案及NB2在其中的应用

In conjunction with Yue P, Chain N Technology has created a corresponding smart logistics solution based on RISC-V products, including the perception interaction layer, IoT platform and upper-level decision-making system. In the perception and interaction layer, PBF-based products interact with real production elements through smart labels, smart cars, etc.; the IoT platform layer focuses on allowing the edge side to complete part of the decision-making. At this time, the chip needs to have strong computing power. Not just simple data aggregation, NB series products are perfectly capable. Compared with other architectures, RISC-V-based chips have obvious advantages such as low power consumption, low cost, high flexibility, and high computing power. In addition, special emphasis should be placed on security: supply chain security and information security.

It is based on such a set of smart logistics solutions that ChainN Technology has realized a variety of specific products, such as logistics Robots, smart sorting cars, smart gateways and sensor networks. It is reported that these solutions have been applied in actual operation scenarios and continue to be effective.

Of course, the implementation of smart logistics is only the “tip of the iceberg” of the new digital infrastructure. To promote high-quality economic development, digitalization and low-carbonization are a pair of closely coupled “development communities”. Under the strategic background of “building” and “carbon reduction”, the transformation of the energy system is particularly critical if the country’s dual carbon goals are to be achieved.

At present, with the rise of clean energy to the “main role”, the energy structure of the power grid has undergone tremendous changes. However, due to the volatility and indirectness of clean energy, coupled with the year-by-year increase in demand on the load side of the grid, how to form an interaction between load-side equipment and the grid has become a major challenge.

“We proposed the concept of virtual power plant, using information technology to aggregate air conditioners, electric vehicles, energy storage systems, etc., and jointly participate in power regulation,” said Mr. Yao Guofeng, a technical expert at the Energy internet Technology Research Institute of China Electric Power Research Institute. “The edge intelligent gateway based on Yue PNB2 truly realizes flexible interaction.”

For example, there are now more than 100 million smart air conditioners in stock in my country. If they are aggregated and adjusted reasonably, it is estimated that 120 million kilowatts of adjustable resources will be generated, which is equivalent to five Three Gorges hydropower stations. The peak load is 140 million kilowatts, which has made a huge contribution to the country’s stable power supply.

What are the applications of the RISC-V that is going to the sky?Yue P and its partners show off the case

What are the applications of the RISC-V that is going to the sky?Yue P and its partners show off the case

Figure 2. Yao Guofeng, Institute of Energy Internet Technology, China Electric Power Research Institute, explained the NB2-based building carbon reduction solution and the corresponding smart edge gateway Demo Display

Based on this set of cooperatively developed intelligent edge gateways, the Electric Power Research Institute applies it in building carbon reduction solutions, such as building control systems, and connects to the power grid in a stock + incremental mode without affecting user use and experience. Participate in regulation on the interactive platform. This will not only help power applications in smart buildings, industrial parks and other scenarios evolve towards low carbonization, but will also help local governments and even the entire country to achieve guaranteed power consumption in the power grid.

The big goal of dual carbon is giving birth to an urgent demand for edge intelligent processors. NB2 is indeed “like a fish in water” in such high-end industrial applications, but the mature implementation of various applications is inseparable from a basic base-safety.

Yue P has been actively building security dimension capabilities since its inception. As a strategic partner of Yue P, Molian Technology co-founder and CTO Mr. Xu Gang revealed, “In the initial process of cooperation with Yue P, Molian realized the ability to access the blockchain from IoT devices based on Yue PBF2 After the data is collected, the data must be used for calculation while protecting the original privacy. At this time, the NB2-based confidential computing board developed by Molian and Yue P plays a very important role. According to reports, the board has a smaller granularity, making it easier to provide a highly flexible and highly sensitive confidential computing environment for edge computing scenarios, such as carbon footprint monitoring applications.

What are the applications of the RISC-V that is going to the sky?Yue P and its partners show off the case

What are the applications of the RISC-V that is going to the sky?Yue P and its partners show off the case

Figure 3. Xu Gang, the co-founder and CTO of Molian Technology, introduced the cooperation with Yue P on data security (confidential computing) and the demo Display of the confidential computing card based on the NB2 solution

In the application of this series of practical scenarios, Yue P’s chip products based on RISC-V have played a huge role. Of course, some of these advantages also stem from the RISC-V architecture itself. Dr. Jiang Zhaohui, the founder, CEO and CTO of Yuep Technology, believes that “the current development status of RISC-V is the same as that of Arm ten years ago. The current shortcoming is that many people have insufficient confidence in the ecology of RISC-V, which directly affects The determination to invest.” But Jiang Zhaohui also bluntly said that he is optimistic about the future development of the RISC-V ecosystem, and many institutions and companies will participate in it; the country attaches great importance to the RISC-V architecture; A three-legged world.

At the same time, benefiting from the RISC-V open source community, YueP has always considered how to feed back. “Any solution we provide to the community must be based on our long-term cooperation with customers and has passed the test of time, and then we will feed back open source. We are always cautious about technology output.” Yuan Bohu, vice president of R & D of Yue P Technology, said.

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