Weekly hard technology investment and financing: 22 financing events in the field of artificial intelligence

This week (2023.1.28-2.3) there were a total of 60 investment and financing events in the hard technology field, 22 financing events in the artificial intelligence field, accounting for 37%; 13 financing events in the semiconductor field, accounting for 22% respectively; There were 12 financing events, accounting for 20%; 9 financing events occurred in the new energy field, accounting for 15%; 4 financing events occurred in the 3R (VR/AR/MR) field, accounting for 6%.

The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) reportedly asked a judge on Tuesday to suspend Meta’s acquisition of virtual reality app developer Within Unlimited until the parties wait for a court decision.

The FTC sued Meta in July last year to stop the acquisition of Within and asked the court to issue a temporary injunction on the grounds that Meta has been planning a “VR conquest campaign” since its acquisition of Oculus in 2014.

It is reported that Within was founded in 2014 and is headquartered in Los Angeles, USA. The founding members are from Google. Investors include well-known venture capital such as Horowitz Fund and Temasek Fund, as well as media giants such as Disney and Fox. They raised tens of millions of dollars to create a well-received virtual reality fitness application Supernatural, which was once the highest-rated VR application on Google Cardboard, and was also named one of the best applications of the year by American technology media Apple Insider and Fast Company.

In October 2021, Meta announced the acquisition of Within. The specific amount was not disclosed, but it is expected to be around US$400 million. The acquisition of a popular virtual reality fitness application is undoubtedly an important attraction to attract more users to try Metaverse products during the epidemic, and it is also in line with Zuckerberg’s acquisition strategy.

artificial intelligence

Brave Group

Brave Group completed a new round of financing of 300 million yen, and Animoca Brands Japan, a strategic subsidiary of Hong Kong Web3 company Animoca Brands, participated in the investment.

Brave Group is a Japanese VTuber virtual idol operator, focusing on developing a “Brave Engine” Metaverse internal engine, and carrying out VTuber, virtual IP operation, and Metaverse marketing services, and is committed to providing relevant entertainment management solutions for industry users.

Tingyu Technology

Tingyu Technology completed nearly 100 million yuan in A+ round financing, led by Cornerstone Venture Capital.

Tingyu Technology is an edge computing cloud service provider. The company has a self-developed elastic fusion distributed edge computing network and a cloud platform built by a large number of high-quality edge nodes, providing customers with high-performance, high reliability, high flexibility, and low cost. Cloud computing, content distribution and storage services, widely covering pan-internet, education, Industrial manufacturing and industrial parks and other industries.

Huaquejing Medical

Huaquejing Medical completed the A-round financing of tens of millions of RMB exclusively invested by Shenzhen Venture Capital.

Huaquejing Medical is a smart rehabilitation medical overall solution provider, focusing on intelligent rehabilitation Robots and smart rehabilitation medical overall solutions. Using the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence technology to build a full-cycle rehabilitation prevention and treatment system from the hospital to the family, from early rehabilitation intervention to sub-health prevention, from children’s cognitive impairment to elderly limb disability, etc., forming a systematic and intelligent rehabilitation medical overall solution .

subscribe bee

Subscribe Bee has completed an angel round of financing of nearly 10 million yuan, led by Hongshuye Capital, followed by Chushi Investment and others.

Subscribe Bee is a quote management SaaS service provider, providing customers with full-process automation tools and services such as configuration quotes, orders, and subscription management. At present, Subscribe Bee’s main product is CPQ service, which helps enterprises realize the automation of “configuration-pricing-quotation” (CPQ) process.

Mathematical gravity

Shuzhi Gravity completed 15 million yuan in financing, with industrial investors Sanqi Electric, Chinese men’s basketball player Yi Jianlian and old shareholders participating in the investment.

SZGravity is a home smart fitness equipment provider, a global new fitness equipment andAIinnovative companies in the field. Committed to providing home smart fitness equipment for fitness enthusiasts. The company’s business integrates research and development, sales and service.

handle technology

Handle Technology added Anhui Xunfei Yunchuang Technology Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of HKUST Xunfei, as a shareholder.

Handle Technology is a judicial big data research service provider, providing users with judicial big data research projects, judgment document quality analysis projects, data statistical reports, training projects and other services, and relying on big data, artificial intelligence and other technologies to provide users with independent The legal document retrieval platform “Handle Case” was developed.

Tuyang Technology

Tuyang Technology has completed the C round of financing, led by the China National Development Bank Manufacturing Transformation and Upgrading Fund.

Tuyang Technology is a machine vision technology developer, positioned as a provider of computing vision core technology modules, providing customers with 3D image acquisition equipment comparable to Microsoft Kinect and Intel RealSense. Committed to the research and development of depth camera hardware, 3D vision algorithms and artificial intelligence industry solutions for computational vision, the products have been applied in many markets such as logistics transmission, industrial automation, public safety, face recognition, and 3D reconstruction.


Yakeyun completed the Pre-A round of financing. The amount of this round of financing is more than 10 million yuan, and the investors are Qiji Chuangtan and InfoTech.

Yake Cloud is a provider of cloud-native security products and services. The company focuses on cloud-native security products and services based on microservices, and is committed to building a cloud-native security platform. Multiple protections, as well as cloud network security protection, provide full-view protection for cloud-native assets from multiple dimensions, aiming at business micro-serverization, containerized infrastructure, cloud-native application visibility, API edge threats, business isolation, and edge Various security threats and risks such as cloud microservice security are protected.

gossip security

Rumor has safely completed the Pre-A round of financing.

Gossip Security is a network security company that focuses on providing innovative solutions for code and application security. It enters the software supply chain security market with Corax, a high-precision, automated static code scanning tool, to solve quality and security issues in code.


Freetech completed hundreds of millions of yuan in B+ round of financing, invested by CCCC Blue Fund, Qingyan Capital, and Yunxiang Wuzhen.

Freetech is a developer of assisted driving solutions. The company is committed to providing relevant companies with dynamic object recognition, road condition detection and vehicle tracking, map data analysis and other assisted driving related technical solutions. The products developed by the company include driving recorders, microwave Car radar, image rearview mirror, etc.


KEWAZO has completed a Series A financing of US$10 million.

KEWAZO is a German construction robot developer, focusing on construction digitalization, mainly providing services such as intelligent robots and data analysis for construction sites.

Guoshu Technology

Guoshu Technology completed the A-round financing of nearly 100 million yuan, jointly invested by Qingdao Henghuitai Industry Development Fund Co., Ltd., Huizhi Xiangshun Equity Investment Fund (Qingdao) Partnership (Limited Partnership), and Shandong Provincial Finance and Government Enterprise Investment Co., Ltd. .

Guoshu Technology is a UAV emergency safety technology developer, focusing on the field of emergency safety. Its main business covers industrial-grade UAVs, UAV electromagnetic suppression systems, UAV detection and early warning radars, UAV capture devices, Research and development and production of UAV traceability solutions and Beidou ultra-long-range communication equipment and other products.

Xiaowang Technology

Xiaowang Technology completed the B+ round of financing of tens of millions of yuan.

Xiaowang Technology is an enterprise intelligent service platform provider, committed to creating an “Internet +” open enterprise service platform, which can provide users with services in ticketing, taxation, finance and law, as well as intelligent code assignment barcode certification, intelligent header sales Item ticket management and other systems.


Dalia received $5 million in Series A funding.

Dalia is a US recruitment marketing automation platform that simplifies recruitment marketing by helping employers acquire and convert lost job applicant traffic through personalized engagement at scale. It is now the go-to recruiting marketing automation solutions provider for mid-market and enterprise companies, with clients including Compass Group, Brink’s, PeopleReady, and more.

Easy carbon data

E-Carbon Digital Technology has obtained a strategic investment from Ant Group.

Yitan Data is a technology company focusing on cloud computing for carbon emission data quantification in industrial manufacturing. It deeply integrates the experience in carbon data quantification in the process manufacturing industry, and independently develops building block carbon data cloud computing based on the international ISO standard system and applicable domestic industry standards. system. Yitan Digital gives full play to the advantages of product tools, and through the deployment of the industrial Internet, it provides accurate carbon data for process manufacturing industries represented by metallurgy, building materials, non-ferrous metals, and chemicals, as well as their supply chain companies and third-party consulting and certification service agencies. Quantitative services.


Inbenta has completed a round of financing led by Tritium Partners and participated by AC Ventures, with a total financing amount of US$40 million.

Inbenta is a developer of natural language processing systems, dedicated to using artificial intelligence semantic recognition technology to provide users with information search services. Its products can be used in chatbots, knowledge resource management platforms, search engines, file management and other fields. Users input keywords or similar meaning words, and the system will automatically identify relevant information for users, and supports multiple language options.

Zowee Smart

Zowee completed the Pre-B round of exclusive investment from Auto Balance Capital.

Zowee Intelligent is a provider of tethered UAVs, UAV flight control and UAV system solutions. Zowee intelligent tethered UAV can stay in the air for 24 hours, with a large load, one-button automatic take-off and landing, accurate and automatic follow-up of the motion platform (vehicle, ship-borne), and has strong safety and stability. It has a number of domestic technical patents and is suitable for It is widely used in disaster relief, border patrol, base security, scenic spot monitoring, geological survey, field operation, forest fire prevention, emergency communication, public security anti-terrorism, traffic supervision, news interview, engineering monitoring, environmental monitoring, film and television shooting, scientific research, national defense and military industry, etc. a broad field.

Spartan Radar

Spartan Radar closed an initial $17 million Series B round of funding. This round of financing was led by 8VC, followed by Microsoft, Prime Movers Lab, MaC VC, Gaingels and others.

Spartan Radar is an American automotive radar system solution provider. Based on artificial intelligence algorithms and bionic perception model applications, it can provide users with driving behavior perception and other technical services to solve driving safety problems.

Terra Drone

Terra Drone completed a $14 million Series C round of financing.

Terra Drone is a Japanese drone and software manufacturer. By using drones, laser and photogrammetry, it can create high-precision 3D drawings.

Guanan Information

Guanan Information has completed a new round of strategic financing of nearly 300 million yuan.

Guanan Information is a high-tech enterprise that provides big data + pan-security products and services. The company focuses on core directions such as data security, cyberspace security, 5G security, artificial intelligence security, industrial Internet security, and public security, and provides comprehensive information security solutions for operators, governments, finance, electric power, public security, military, medical and other industries. plan.


Lavender received US$11 million in Series A financing, invested by Signia Venture Partners and Norwest Venture Partners.

Lavender is an AI-powered sales email training platform provider focused on empowering reps with email intelligence, personalized assistance, recipient research, email scoring, coaching, and more.


Inscribe has raised $25 million in Series B funding, led by Threshold Ventures.

Inscribe is an artificial intelligence data analysis platform, fraud detection tools driven by artificial intelligence. Inscribe parses, categorizes and data-matches financial documents, using an AI-powered fraud detection system to reveal any discrepancies between detected documents and other material. The system organizes file details such as names, addresses, and bank transaction bills into data points, and generates customer risk files such as billing records and transaction snapshots.


Prisms VR

Prisms VR has raised $12.5 million in funding, led by private U.S. venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz (aka a16z).

Prisms VR is a VR education platform in the United States that provides a space learning platform for K12 STEM education. The platform utilizes the joint development of immersive virtual reality with front-line teachers and school district administrators, enabling students to perceive the real-world environment, and then use tactile interaction and visualization To build mathematical fluency.


Xander completed a $1.4 million seed round of financing led by Ray Stata.

Xander is a subtitle AR glasses manufacturer in the United States. The XanderGlasses developed by the company focuses on AR subtitle Display, which displays the surrounding sounds to the hearing-impaired in the form of visual subtitles. It is expected to replace hearing aids in the future.


Within was officially acquired by Meta.

Within is a VR content platform dedicated to providing a platform for virtual reality film creators including its own Vrse.works, and has launched platform applications for iOS, Android, web and Samsung GearVR.


Fectar has received a new financing round of 2.45 million euros, led by Jaap van Engers.

Fectar is a VR content distribution platform through which users can use augmented reality and virtual reality content management systems to create their own interactive 3D presentations without any technology and setup.

new energy

Ganfeng lithium battery

Ganfeng Lithium Battery has completed a new round of financing, and the investor is led by SDIC.

Ganfeng Lithium Battery is a research and development manufacturer of lithium-ion power batteries. It is a holding subsidiary of Ganfeng Lithium Industry, a listed company with A+H shares. Backed by the brand, technology and resources of Ganfeng Lithium Industry, it is oriented towards the prospect of widespread application of lithium batteries. , is committed to creating a creative lithium battery smart new energy. Ganfeng lithium battery products include more than 20 types of consumer batteries, small polymer batteries, power batteries, energy storage systems, and solid-state batteries, covering various levels from mAh to BAH.

Naco Energy

Naco Energy received angel round investment.

Naco Energy is a high-performance sodium-ion battery cathode material research and development manufacturer. The company is committed to the research, development and industrialization of high-performance sodium-ion battery cathode materials and new high-performance lithium-ion battery cathode materials.

Solid New Materials

Solidarity New Materials completed the Pre-A round of financing, and the investors are State Power Investment Corporation and Huzhou Haichuan Equity Investment Partnership (Limited Partnership).

Solid New Materials is a high-energy density battery core material developer, mainly engaged in the research, development, production and sales of high-energy-density battery core materials and technologies such as silicon-carbon anode materials, solid electrolyte materials, and lithium metal anode materials.

Charge new energy

Lingchong New Energy has completed a strategic investment of tens of millions of yuan in Lingchong New Energy.

Lingchong New Energy is a one-stop new energy vehicle application solution provider. The company focuses on technology research and development and product production in the fields of new energy vehicle intelligent charging, vehicle charging, new energy micro-grid, intelligent detection, big data cloud platform, etc. , Sales, with a number of core technology independent intellectual property rights.

Aggregate new energy

Polymer New Energy completed the A-round financing of 10 million yuan.

Aggregate New Energy is committed to the development of advanced underlying charging technology, research and development and production of cutting-edge technologies for fast charging of various batteries. The intelligent fast charger developed is suitable for safe and fast charging of lithium batteries (groups) and various lead-acid batteries, opening up the industry A new era of fast charging.

Our Next Energy

Our Next Energy completed a $300 million Series B round of financing.

Our Next Energy, a developer of electric vehicle batteries, is working on a dual-battery model that uses cathodes free of cobalt and nickel, with a second high-energy battery pack charging the first, which could make The range of the vehicle is doubled to 750 miles (approximately 1126 kilometers).

Sodium Innovative Energy

Na Innovative Energy has completed hundreds of millions of yuan in A+ round investment. This round of financing is invested by Kunlun Capital, Qingdao Guohe, and Rizhao Xinneng.

Na Innovative Energy is a power and energy storage battery system developer. The company focuses on sodium-ion battery technology innovation and industrialization, and is committed to building a globally influential sodium-ion battery system innovation enterprise. Guided by market demand, the company develops, produces and sells a new generation of power and energy storage battery systems, providing green and sustainable energy solutions for smart grid energy storage, electric vehicles, distributed energy storage, and special-purpose chemical power supplies .

Golden Feather New Energy

Jinyu New Energy obtained strategic investment.

Jinyu New Energy is a developer of titanium batteries and their supporting energy storage solutions. The high-performance and environmentally friendly water-based batteries developed by the company have higher energy density than lead-acid batteries. Stable operation, the product can be widely used in new energy vehicles, electronic products and electric motorcycles and other fields.


Carbon International completed the A-round financing of tens of millions of yuan, and this round of financing was exclusively invested by Wuyuefeng Capital.

Carbon International is a developer of carbon paper core materials for hydrogen fuel cells. The company is currently focusing on carbon paper and gas diffusion layer technologies and products for fuel cells and hydrogen production cells, and is committed to launching platform-type carbon paper and gas diffusion layer products. According to the product matrix defined by the company, the carbon paper series products include: CPM16/CPM19/CPM25, etc., and the GDL series products include: HP16/HP18/HP21/HP28, etc.


Core cast microelectronics

Xintou Microelectronics received a strategic investment of 220 million yuan from Haitong Kaiyuan, Chaos Investment, and Zhenwei Investment.

Xintou Microelectronics is a domestic RF filter company integrating R&D and production. The company has mastered core technologies such as SAW filters, TC-SAW filters, and wafer-level packaging WLP, and is committed to building a world-leading RF front-end company. .

Hongguang Xiangshang

Hongguang Xiangshang has received tens of millions of yuan in angel round financing from Yuanhang Capital.

Hongguang Xiangshang is an optoelectronic integrated chip design service provider, specializing in the design of a new generation of integrated circuit silicon-based optoelectronic integrated chips. The products that have completed engineering tape-out are 400Gbps DR4 and FR4 series silicon-based optoelectronic integrated transmission chip series products and coherent optical products.

Frequency Microelectronics

Fengke Microelectronics completed the B-round financing of nearly 200 million yuan.

Fengke Microelectronics is a RF filter chip IC design service provider in the field of mobile communication and Internet of Things, focusing on the research and development of high-performance SAW filters, duplexers, multiplexers and other RF module chips in the RF front-end ,Sale. Products are widely used in mobile communications, Internet of Things and other fields.

Ruifake Semiconductor

Ruifake Semiconductor received strategic investment from investors including Changan Automobile and CDB Equipment Fund.

Ruifake Semiconductor is a company that focuses on the development and marketing of integrated circuits, software, and overall solutions based on high-speed analog circuit technology and has completely independent intellectual property rights. The company has successfully developed a new generation of digital high-definition video transmission technology AVT.


Cebaichuang completed the Pre-A round of financing of over 100 million yuan, led by SDIC Venture Capital.

Cebaichuang is a developer of RF front-end acoustic filters. It focuses on technology research and development, product design and device manufacturing in the strong coupling supply chain. It provides the industry with 5G RF front-end filters and cost-effective RF one-stop solutions. It has a comprehensive Advanced packaging technologies, including Baredie, CSP, TCSP, WLP, etc., as well as acoustic filter device technologies that completely cover SAW, TC-SAW, LAW and single-core multi-frequency Multiplexer.

Sijie Microelectronics

Sijie Microelectronics completed a new round of capital increase. This round of capital increase is exclusively invested by Sunshine Ronghui Capital.

Sijie Microelectronics is a millimeter-wave automotive radar chip developer, incubated in Shanghai Micro Technology Industry Research Institute, relying on domestic industrial chain and platform resources, focusing on the development of 77GHz and 24GHz millimeter-wave automotive radar chips.

UGa Technology

UGa Technology received A-round investment.

Youga Technology is a chip design, development and supplier focusing on high-performance RF gallium nitride (GaN) power amplifier chips, modules and system solutions. UGa Technology takes the world’s leading high-efficiency linear power amplifier chip circuit design method and experience accumulation as the core, uses advanced third-generation semiconductor gallium nitride (GaN) materials, and is committed to providing domestic and foreign customers with self-developed high-performance, high-linearity High-degree, low-cost power amplifier chips and module products.

Ouyeel Semiconductor

Ouyeel Semiconductor completed the A round of financing, led by SDIC China Merchants.

Ouyeel Semiconductor is a supplier of smart car chips and solutions, mainly engaged in the research and development, design, production and sales of car chips, and is committed to providing related chip products and services for industry users.

Luanqi Technology

Luanqi Technology has completed tens of millions of yuan in Series A financing.

Luanqi Technology is a storage product testing equipment R & D and sales company, focusing on the R & D and sales of storage product testing equipment, and providing semiconductor storage testing services. Committed to providing professional and comprehensive domestic testing equipment and solutions for semiconductor storage products, helping companies establish complete and clear testing standards.

Microwave Semiconductor

Weiyun Semiconductor completed the A-round financing of tens of millions of yuan, led by Nuoyan Capital.

Weiyun Semiconductor is a research and development manufacturer of semiconductor plasma equipment. Its main business is the research and development, production and sales of semiconductor plasma equipment. Focusing on the manufacture of 6-inch and 8-inch semiconductor etching equipment, the products are mainly used in compound semiconductors, mems, power devices and other fields.

Yaoyu Videochip

Yaoyu Videochip has completed tens of millions of yuan in angel round financing, jointly led by Chuangxiang Investment and Synach Capital.

Yaoyu Videochip is a provider of SALM algorithms and chips, engaged in the research and development and design of SALM algorithms and chips, mainly providing a complete set of 6DoF solutions based on self-developed chips for the AR/VR head display industry, including Partial 6DoF positioning, cloud map, etc.

Kuixin Technology

Kuixin Technology received more than 100 million yuan in Series A financing. This round of financing was jointly invested by Datai Capital, National Chip Technology, Haisong Capital and Zhumei Investment.

Kuixin Technology is an integrated circuit supplier dedicated to solving the problems of computing power expansion and high-speed interconnection in the era of smart economy. The high-speed interface IP launched covers USB, PCIe, SATA, SerDes, MIPI, DDR, HDMI, DP, HBM and other products, focusing on data centers, artificial intelligence, consumer electronics, automotive electronics, Internet of Things and many other fields.


Xanadu secures strategic financing.

Xanadu is a Toronto startup trying to harness the quantum properties of light to build the world’s most powerful computer.

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