Visit China’s largest robot factory: Germany can’t make it

There are hundreds ofrobotIn the small and scattered competitive landscape, the factory ranks second with annual sales of less than 100 million yuan. Only Shenyang Xinsong Robot stands out from the crowd, with an annual sales income of 1.6 billion yuan. What are the technical advantages of this largest robot factory in China? What is the production workshop like? The Voice of Economics reporter Lv Hongqiao came here recently and made a visit.

Hello everyone, my name is Komatsu. I am a member of the SIASUN service robot family. It is a pleasure to meet you at the inaugural meeting of the China Robot TOP10 Summit…

A unique press conference was staged in Shenyang, hosted by a robot.This is Xinsong RobotautomationAlthough a service robot developed by Co., Ltd. is already an old model, it seems that there is nothing wrong with the guest host.

Visit China’s largest robot factory: Germany can’t make it

The robot host isn’t quite the protagonist. Entering the factory floor, a white robot with a screen on its head spoke to reporters.

Robot: First meeting, please take care. What kind of business do you need?

This isRobot lobby manager, mainly used in banks, it is not only ushered in and sent to, standing and posing. Ha Enjing, Minister of Brand and Public Relations Department of SIASUN Robotics, said,It can basically do the work that a human lobby manager can do.

Hahnjing: It can be introduced, you can swipe a small ticket, you can swipe your face, because its technology is becoming more and more advanced, it can be recognized, and it can be used for human-computer interaction.lookIt can also carry some things in the middle and take guests to the designated window, which is equivalent to the lobby manager. It can automatically avoid it, and when you see people there, it will walk around people.

Beside the robot lobby manager, several Robots carrying trays and mineral water shuttled back and forth between the tables.Their identities are robot waiters, also known asfood delivery robot. But in fact, they can not only order and deliver food, but some can also complete technical tasks such as bartending. In some cities, robot waiters are already on duty.

Ha Enjing: This food delivery service is relatively mature now, and you often see robot restaurants, so it is quite convenient. In the future, it may be combined with Alipay and other ports, it may be able to check out, and guests can use it to pay for dinner.

In addition, SIASUN is also developing products used in the fields of medical care and retirement rehabilitation.New service robot, of course, these are still kept secret.However, the company’s bestindustryrobot.

In a certain area of ​​Xinsong workshop, dozens ofmechanicalThe arms are constantly waving, the scene is quite spectacular, and even has the posture of a science fiction movie. In fact, this is a test of an Industrial robot. There is a fast sorting robot, which can carry two hundred times a minute, which is dazzling; there is a parallel robot, where two manipulators can coordinately assemble parts; there is a grinding robot, which has high precision and is not afraid of dust pollution.

Hahnjing: For example, we have also added many new technologies such as vision and sensing.Our domestic robots are now replacing imports in large quantities, including many robots currently used by the headquarters of General Motors in the United States, which are provided by us.

In a corner of the workshop, the reporter saw a robot that looked a bit like a basketball hoop a few sizes smaller.Unexpectedly, this is the only one that has been put into use in the worldcompound robot.Its killer feature is that no matter how complicated the workshop environment is, it can carry things around in all directions and assemble parts along the assembly line.Hahnjing said,Even the famous German KUKA cannot make such a robot at present.

Hahnjing: Composite robots are mobile operations, and this is also the first of its kind in the world. KUKA also developed this product, but it did not meet the application standards.

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