Vicor launches ‘Power-Driven Innovation’ Podcast, Highlighting Technologies That Change the World

The Power-Driven Innovation podcast features insights from experts from today’s most innovative companies on how to solve real-world challenges with Vicor power modules

Today, Vicor released the Power-Driven Innovation podcast, which features pioneering technologies whose original companies have developed world-changing products through visionary leadership and engineering. These podcasts will explore the important role that power electronics play in providing breakthrough solutions to real-world problems.

The podcast features personal interviews with companies that are innovators in their fields. Whether listeners are electronic design engineers, development engineers, or systems engineers, listening to the Power-Driven Innovation podcast will learn about technology solutions from these fast-growing companies that push the boundaries of conventional thinking. “Many of our customers are doing exciting things that can have a profound impact on the world. From delivering humanitarian relief missions, to fighting coastal erosion, to working towards a low-emission electric aviation industry, we invite on our podcast The guests who arrive will discuss significant innovations,” said Robert Gendron, vice president of product development at Vicor.

Vicor launches ‘Power-Driven Innovation’ Podcast, Highlighting Technologies That Change the World

Vicor’s latest “Power-Driven Innovation” podcast features insights and expert opinions from today’s most innovative companies solving real-world challenges with Vicor’s power modules.

Power Driven Innovation premieres on October 12th, once a month. Subsequent presentations will focus on the impact of power electronics on aviation technology, electrification, unmanned systems, as well as supply chain issues and real-life challenges.

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